$6.49 shipping. We recommend Bio-Tone fertilizer when planting. Loropetalum plants are native to Japan, China and the Himalayas. Noteworthy Characteristics. Facts About the Fringe Tree. Plant it near dark evergreen trees for a gorgeous bloom show in sharp contrast. Prune in late fall after the plant finishes flowering. Loropetalum plants are easy to cultivate in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 to 10. Fertilize Fringe Tree again 6 to 8 weeks later to encourage denser foliage or faster growth of young trees.

There are two species of fringe tree, the first was introduced from America in the 17th century, for which the genus was named by Linnaeus from the Greek for snow and flower. Chinese fringe prefers a bit of shade along with rich soil, and it doesn't like dry conditions. Chionanthus virginicus (white fringetree) is a tree native to the savannas and lowlands of the southeastern United States, from New Jersey south to Florida, and west to Oklahoma and Texas. Chinese Fringe Tree - Chionanthus retusus - 3 Gallon Pot In full bloom, this magnificent tree will stop any passerby in their tracks! The Chinese Fringe Tree, Chionanthus retusus, is very similar in form and beauty to our native fringe tree, what many folks call Grancy Graybeard, Chionanthus virginicus,...but there are a few subtle differences. Both American and Chinese varieties of the Chionanthus species do well in landscapes across most of the state. Chinese fringetree is a beautiful multi-stemmed shrub to small tree, very similar in appearance to our native species with exfoliating, gray-brown bark. These trees tend to be slow growing and will usually only reach a mature height of about 20 feet, with up to a 15-foot spread. Native to the United States, fringetree originated in Missouri and eventually spread throughout the eastern half of the country as far north as New Jersey, south to … All three species of fringetree grow well in North and Central Florida. Members of the olive family, Oleaceae, fringe trees are part of a botanical grouping, or genus, called Chionanthus. Choose the right cultivar and then learn how to care for Loropetalum so the delightful fragrance can perfume your yard. In mid-spring, erect clusters of fragrant, white flowers are quite showy. A splendid small tree for petite landscapes, Chinese fringe tree has soft green leaves and magnificent clusters of fragrant, fringelike blooms in spring. When choosing flowering trees to add to your landscape, don't overlook the fringe tree (Chionanthus spp. The dark green, leathery leaves turn a soft yellow in fall.

Chionanthus retusus, commonly called Chinese fringetree, is native to China, Korea and Japan.As with the native U.S. species (C. virginicus), this plant is noted for its profuse spring bloom of fragrant white flowers.It is most often seen in cultivation as a large, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub growing to 10-20’ tall with a rounded, wide-spreading form. It is wider than it is tall and a good choice for casting filtered shade on patios and outdoor living areas. Female plants produce dark purple fruits in late summer.

Water plants deeply during extended periods of drought. The trees are native to an immense range of China, Korea and Japan. Flowers. 2-Ply FR Metallic Fringe Drape (green) Party Accessory (1 count) 4.6 out of 5 stars 123. Clusters of showy, lightly fragrant, fringe-like white … Remember that its adult size is comparable to that of a Japanese maple or Burford holly. Depending on which species you choose, fringe tree is terrific either as a large specimen or an under story tree. Nomenclature.

Two species grow in gardens commonly: the Chinese fringe tree (Chionanthus retusus), and the American fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus). In China the best bloomers are propagated by grafting. The Chinese Fringe tree is a spectacular, small, deciduous tree that adds interest to the landscape. In fact, Chinese fringe can be limbed up easily into a lovely tree form. Zones: 6 to 9,Chionanthus retusa. Sometimes grown as a multi-stemmed large shrub, Chinese fringetree can develop into a modest-sized tree, ranging in height from 18 to 35 feet.

It’s the Chinese fringetree. About Chinese Fringe Plants.

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