How to Amend Clay Soil. Clay can be a problem for gardeners, landscapers and homeowners all over the country, but there are a variety of trees that can grow well in clay soils. Clay soil is a very dense substance that can cause major drainage problems for your plants. To state the obvious: it’s not easy to grow in clay soil. One of the major causes of fruit tree death is wet soil, according to extension specialists with the University of Illinois.

Arts & Entertainment. All the trees have never looked back and I … Wet soil trees are a great way to help soak up excess water in your yard. Many trees that grow in wet areas will use large amounts of water. My first garden: clay on clay on clay! It can be impossible to dig, and, without some amendments, may not allow us to plant.

We have all ours on MM106, and they are perfect and easy to harvest. MM111 - Big, vigorous trees, 16-25', need a big garden. The spread will be very roughly equal to the height, but is reasonably easily kept under control by careful pruning. Most fruit trees will struggle or even die in soils that stay too wet for long periods of time. This soil is common to many parts of the world, limiting what homeowners, gardeners, and farmers can grow. It’s dense, does not drain well—unless it’s on a slope, and then everything runs off. But there are gardening techniques to help prevent such disasters. I planted all varieties of fruit trees - citrus, apples, nectarines, plums, pears, apricots about 20 years ago directly into the clay with nothing added to the soil, also planted a pomegranate directly into the clay about 7 years ago. Fruit Trees That Tolerate Moist Soil. Growing Plants in Clay Soil. (If planting in slow-draining clay soil, elevate the planting with a berm or raised bed.) How to Improve Clay Soil for Fruit Trees We don’t have the most fertile soil out here in the desert southwest.

Because of this waterlogged soil, fruit tree roots are not able to take up the oxygen they need to survive and fruit trees can literally suffocate. This would require 250kg per sq m … If you’re in a part of the world that is an arid, hot climate and have attempted to do any sort of gardening, you know what I’m talking about. Here's how to properly plant a fruit tree in clay soil Keep native soil in the hole and add compost and amendments on the surface after planting. Excess water also promotes crown rot. Excess water in the surrounding soil inhibits the ability of a tree to take in oxygen through the roots. Both of these scenarios can prove fatal to a tree.

If you are unsure about the benefits of soil amendments in your location and want to do a test, plant some trees with amendments and some of the same type of tree on the same rootstock without. I think, as Diane has said, on a clay soil, preparation before planting is of paramount importance. Soil that contains a lot of clay is far from ideal when it comes to planting trees. When soil has too much water in it, the open spaces that usually hold air or oxygen are obsolete. Even where a clay soil contains for example 40 percent clay particles (a relatively modest content compared to heavy clay soils), the proportion of clay in the top cultivated part of the soil would have to be reduced by half to make the soil easy to work. Trees For Clay Soil Finding trees to grow in heavy or clay soil can be tricky; it can bake hard in summer and drain poorly in winter. Fruit trees do not thrive in wet soil. This trait causes them to use up much of the water in their vicinity, which may be enough to dry the surrounding area out enough so that other plants that are not as adapted to wet soil can survive. We’ve selected some of the best trees to grow in clay, although we still recommend improving clay soil prior by working in some organic matter.

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