Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words that contain ei.

Search a word to find other words that are pronounced alike. Learn or review the K and G sounds here: English Pronunciation Lesson 26 - K and G Sounds. Can you give us a word which uses ay in the sense you are expecting? Some of the confusion may come from the fact that English words come from different languages, but that doesn’t necessarily explain the inconsistent spellings. Spelling Words With EI and IE: “I Before E Except After C” Rule. I before E, Except after C, unless it sounds like A, as in neighbor or weigh. One of the spelling issues in English that trips people up time and again is I before E and E before I words. Likewise to the word “nein”, which is familiar to many English speakers, but “rein”, “reign”, and “vein” are not pronounced that way in Engish.


I Before E, Except After C. Have you ever memorized the chorus of a song?

The word ‘homophone’ is formed by combining Greek words homos which means ‘same’ and phone which means ‘sound’. (The exceptions are -IGHT words spelled with EI, which sounds like a long A.)

Cut & Cleanup (That way they have a clean playing area!) This Site Might Help You. “Wein” sounds just like “wine”, and they mean the same thing. Find words and phrases that can be pronounced similarly to another word or phrase. Thesaurus. Some other words like that are sleigh, neigh, and weigh.
You can use a dictionary or online pronunciation guide to help you learn the correct pronunciation of new vocabulary words. Yes, as do other words spelled with -IGHT (long I, silent GH). Or when sounding like AY.

Should we ... vowels make another sound, like "ay" or "aye," then it is usually spelled with -ei.

Similar Sound. I expect you are refering to the long a sound, but need to know exactly. Found 11293 words containing ei. No, eight is unusual and has a long A sound from the EI (and silent GH), so that it sounds exactly like 'ate'. Language.

The x sound is found in ks words like kicks. as many as u can think of please its for my spelling homework oh and don't say sleigh i got that one well actually that's the only one i got There is more than one way to pronounce ay.
Learn about the words: ei saying /ay/ using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, spelling games, spelling tests and printable activities.

Language; Direct Link Similar Sound Publisher Lycos RhymeZone. This diphthong is informally called “long a” or the long sound of the letter a.A better pronounceable name is the vowel of FACE.. Eid seize ceiling conceit conceive counterfeit deceit deceive perceive protein receipt receive sheila Weipa

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