About half of my phone questions this week came from callers wanting an answer to this question. There are plenty of bad reasons though. If planting inside, choose a ceramic or clay pot that is slightly larger than the root of the ball. by Matthew Orwat | Dec 15, 2017 | Fruit, Horticulture. Assuming you are going to be pruning young trees, small trees and smaller branches (less than four inches in diameter) on larger, established trees, the tools you will require will be modest. The worst reason, or way, to prune a citrus tree that I’ve encountered is opening up the tree’s canopy so the interior gets sunlight. Usually rootstock used for grafting lime trees is from the sour orange stock. To be safe, though, look up and examine your palms before hurricane season. Types of lemon trees. Only remove dead or dying fronds. Citrus trees can also be cut back if you planted them in the wrong place to begin with. There is research out of Florida that has found that trees pruned after the first flush of growth, actually recover more quickly and grew more vigorously than those pruned immediately after the freeze event.

How to prune a lemon-lime cocktail tree? Second, while most fruit trees are pruned to allow more light through to the inner part of the canopy, citrus trees can fruit in any part of the tree that gets even a little sunlight. For mature lemon trees, the best time to prune is after every harvest once or twice a year.

You should never prune any green fronds. Really! First, the wood in citrus trees is stronger than many other fruit trees and less likely to break under a heavy load, alleviating the need for heavy pruning.

That can be a good idea for some other types of fruit trees, like plums and peaches.

The question is, how to prune a lemon tree and when is the best time to prune lemon trees? We may have early frosts and early springs, or cold snaps in late march after fruit trees flower. Facebook. Paula Lamb Saturday Jan 7, ... Paula Lamb is a master gardener with the Duval County Extension Service and the University of Florida/IFAS. Think of your palm tree like clock. March 23, 2020 / Gardening, Growing Citrus Trees. Use this as a guide as to where to prune the tree. Remove any dead fronds from your palms to prevent storm damage.

Of course, what you can grow depends on where in Florida you live.

Don’t lace a citrus tree. Garden Q&A: The best time to prune citrus trees . Basic Tools for Tree Pruning. When can I prune them?

Never prune a lime tree in the winter, as frost sensitivity is a major issue.

Key Lime Tree grow from 6 to 10 ft when planted in ground but are smaller when planted in a pot. Nut, not all trees take to being pollarded, and strictly speaking you wouldn't be pollarding a tree that old, you would be topping it, and then managing it as a pollarded tree, but it's unlikely that it would produce the lollipop effect of a true pollard.

About Lemon Tree Pruning. There are different types of lemon trees found in Australia like the Eureka and Lisbon varieties. The flowers usually bloom in spring and yields fruit in fall. Trim off any crisscrossing branches; other than this, pruning of lime trees is not required. What is the proper way to trim a palm tree?

Pruning: The Secret to Beautiful Lemon, Lime, and Orange Trees in Containers. Just like other citrus varieties, Finger Limes respond well to pruning.

Citrus fruits are a good-tasting nutritious food that we should have at home especially now that a cold virus is infecting many people all over the world.


It’s … Instead, the best time to prune palm trees is when it looks like they need it. It can be wet or dry, frigid cold or unseasonably warm.

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