The main tiny trunk is … It mantains its weird flattened form, but the leaves are smaller, kind of more pointed, small, disheveled, and also the rosettes are not round, but elongated and they develop forming cute shapes like curls. Aeonium tabulaeforme cristata is even more unusual than Aeonium tabulaeforme. Home / Collections / Aeonium / Greenovia / Aichryson / Aeonium tabuliforme f. cristatum (crested plant) Aeonium tabuliforme f. cristatum (crested plant) LLGSNC. Aeonium tabuliforme cristata This is a rather unusual crested form of the normal species tabulaeforme. As with most of the stemless species, this one is monocarpic. $12.00 or 4 payments of $3.00 AUD with More info. Like the parent it has many of the same features, only … Description: Like most crests it will form some wild shapes. Aeonium tabulaefoeme forma cristata This is a rather unusual crested form of the normal species tabulaeforme. Description: Aeonium tabulaeforme is a strange and wonderful stemless , ground hugging, rosette. Most of the species are native to the Canary Islands and a small number is … Leaves: Rounded, soft-green more or less spathulate with long cilia on the margin.Leaves 3-10(-15) cm long, 2,5-4 cm wide. Quantity. Like the parent it has many of the same features, only on a smaller scale and multi branched. Usually single or offsetting which used to be flat as a pancake. Aeonium (commonly known as Tree Houseleek) is a genus of succulent plants of the family Crassulaceae.The name is derived from the ancient Greek word "aionos", meaning "ageless".

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