It is an effective substance for use in unclogging drains and is often one of the active ingredients in commercially available drain cleaners. Within 60 seconds, even the most difficult drain blockage in a small drain … Lye is a chemical used for making soap, performing chemistry demonstrations, making biodiesel, curing food, unclogging drains, disinfecting floors and toilets, and synthesizing drugs.Because it can be used to make illegal drugs, lye may be hard to find in a store.However, you can make the chemical yourself, using a method popular in colonial days. Choose from our selection of lye drain cleaners, including chemical drain cleaners, organic drain cleaners, and more. LYE CAN CAUSE SEVERE CHEMICAL BURNS AND EVEN DEATH IF NOT HANDLED PROPERLY! This powerful cleaner … Pure Lye Drain Opener. Overall, acidic drain cleaners are more powerful and able to clean more difficult clogs. When using lye for unclogging the drain, remember that lye is a corrosive substance. The ComStar 024924305003 Pure Lye Bead Drain Opener is a quick-acting, biodegradable food-grade substance that includes 99% pure lye beads. While lye-based drain cleaners … Another way to make lye is from ashes.

Drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide, but they are not suitable for soaping because they contain other ingredients. Lye works because it is caustic and actually dissolves hair and grease, which are the root causes of the drain clog. While lye-based drain cleaners are typically recommended in these situations, these kinds of products are extremely toxic and can damage not only the pipes in your home but your lungs as well. Having become an incredibly versatile and useful ingredient in everything from food preparation to drain cleaning, it’s no wonder that the world produced 60 million metric tons of sodium hydroxide … The Drano Snake Plus Drain Cleaning Kit combines a mechanical snake for loosening clogs, with yet another gel-variation on the Liquid Drano formula.

Surfactants also might be added to caustic drain cleaners to decrease surface tension and foaming and help with the mixing of solutions. And the loyal competitor to S. C. Johnson's Drano. Pure Lye Drain Opener is a biodegradable white powder that can quickly unclog any drain, grease traps, cesspools as well as septic systems.It is non-acidic and has no dyes, fillers or water and easily dilutes with water. Liquid-Plumr, another drain cleaning brand by The Clorox Company which has the same thing. 2. Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide Micro Beads - HDPE Container with resealable Child Resistant Cap 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,243. The active ingredient in serious drain cleaner is sodium hydroxide or lye. But, … In stock and ready to ship. FDC 99% Pure Sodium Hydroxide/Pure Lye… Crystal drain opener contains 100% sodium hydroxide also known as caustic soda or lye.
That’s why Pure Lye Drain Opener is a great option. Some things to remember when using lye … Alkaline drain cleaners, on the other hand, typically use lye as the main ingredient… Acidic drain cleaners typically contain high concentrations of sulfuric acid, and they use acid hydrolysis to dissolve hair, soap scum, and any other obstacles in the drain. Lye – Uses and Benefits of Sodium Hydroxide. See also.

Plumber says the green stain on the drain pipe is a hole probably caused by drain cleaner and that it can eat a hole in only one use. I don't remember seeing that green stain last week and another plumber did not mention the hole last week. Instead of reaching for that bottle of toxic drain cleaner, try these organic natural drain cleaner recipes that are easy to make and safe for your family and the environment. You just pour it down the drain and run hot water. If you're a true do-it-yourself type, you can actually make sodium hydroxide from the electrolysis of sodium chloride (table salt) in water. Drano Kit. Used the lye cleaner … When lye is mixed with chlorine and water, an alkaline substance called sodium hypochloride is produced, which is basically caustic drain cleaner. Insta-Flo will liquefy hair and grease in less than 60 seconds. Essential Depot Pure Lye Drain Cleaner/Opener, 2 lbs.

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