Place this plant in bright, indirect light. Another compact variety, ‘Silver Dragon,’ has silvery, pale green leaves with dark green veining that shows red on the underside.

Look at these beautiful, velvety leaves! While beautiful, these plants are toxic. Check out the selection on Amazon if you are looking to purchase your own Alocasia Frydek. Annother Alocasia that is also called African Mask is Alocasia Polly. Alocasia Frydek is moderately toxic to people and pets if ingested.

Here’s a puzzle for you: what plant is toxic, yet serves as a major food source for many countries in Asia? Look at these two toxic beauties.


Martha Gallegos Projects to Try. Propagation of alocasia should be done in spring or early summer, when the plant is just coming out of dormancy from the winter. When mixed with a plant grouping, an African mask plant can turn a group of commonplace houseplants into an exotic, tropical display. Alocasia x Amazonica, also known as Alocasia ‘Polly,’ features shiny, deep green leaves with angular edges and contrasting white veining.

There is not a great amount of reliable information available for this species. ALOCASIA PROBLEMS.

In many parts of the world, taro is a major food crop for both people and farm animals. If ingested, they can cause pain and swelling of the mouth and digestive tract. House Plants Decor ... are tropical collector’s plants that have a passionate following. This is a beautiful tropical plant, narrow.. Add to Cart. How to Propagate Alocasia Plants Alocasia grows from rhizomes in the ground, and the best method of alocasia plant propagation involves splitting up these rhizomes. Alocasia micholitiziana (aka Alocasia frydek) is the velvety looking one. There is not a great amount of reliable information available for this species. See more ideas about Alocasia plant, Plant leaves and Planting flowers. 32 Comments. Plants for sale are Alocasia "Frydek" plants Each plant I offer is Hybridized and grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free exact replica of the mother plant. The answer: Colocasia, also known as elephant ear or taro.

These are not the most carefree plants out there, so let me discuss the most common problems that you can have with your Alocasia Frydek and what causes them. Alocasia itself is a genus of 70 different species. Plants for sale are between 5-16" tall. ... House Plants Decor Plant Decor Exotic Plants Tropical Plants Alocasia Plant Flower Pot Design Plant Cuttings Plants Are Friends Decoration Plante. Allow the top ½ of soil to dry in between waterings. Its deep green leaves with contrasting white veins is so rich and reminds me of lightning. Clean lines and crisp, defined color makes the Kris plant (Alocasia sanderiana) an excellent stand-alone specimen, especially complimentary to modern design. According to Better Homes and Gardens gardening expert, Roger Fox, elephant ears (Alocasia species) need adequate warmth and humidity to grow indoors as they’re native to tropical areas. Are Elephant Ear Plants Poisonous? Alocasia amazonica also known as the African mask plant is also of the same family. Jan 15, 2020 - Explore bethhartnell56's board "Alocasia plant" on Pinterest. Alocasia Frydek. The plant tissue contains calcium oxalate crystals which cause localized irritation.

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