The key factor governing the time for planting all potatoes is the date of the last frost in your area. Kerr's Pink is a potato cultivar in wide production in Ireland and the United Kingdom and many other countries. The single most effective method for reducing the incidence of blight is the choice of variety. Seed Potatoes (Kerrs Pink) - Uses. Kerrs Pink tubers are normally short and oval with slightly deep eyes. They should just be eaten simply cooked in their beautiful pink skins. **All our seed potatoes are Safe Haven Certified and grown in both Scottish and Welsh farms.

Kerrs Pink Seed Potatoes 25kg. Possibly Ireland’s favourite potato, and one of Scotland’s too – due to its lovely dry and floury nature.

A good growing and perfect mashed. The first signs of blight are brown spots on the leaf tips of the potato plants, often but not always accompanied by a fluffy white fungal growth. Grow Potato Kerr’s Pink on your plot for potatoes, perfectly fluffy and floury in texture. Potato blight is caused by a fungal agent that can spread extremely fast during moist, warm conditions.

Although often quoted as an "Irish potato" (where it was introduced in 1917), the cultivar was actually created by J. Henry of Cornhill, Scotland, in 1907. Even a touch of frost can damage potato plants if their foliage is above ground, an unexpected severe frost can kill them completely.

Red Duke of York potatoes are a first early variety and they are ready for harvest, if conditions are correct, 14 weeks after the seed potatoes are planted. Tasty dry, floury flesh: ideal all rounder. British Queen seed potatoes are an old variety of heritage potatoes first listed in 1894. They have good blight resistance and long-term storage ability. Kerr's Pink is excellent for storing so be sure to … Short oval tubers with quite deep eyes. The key factor governing the time for planting all potatoes is the date of the last frost in your area. Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) thrives and multiplies at an alarming rate in mild & damp climates; It's no wonder then that this is the main problem experienced by Irish potato gardeners. Kerr's Pink potatoes are maincrop potatoes and they are ready for harvest, if conditions are correct, 18 to 20 weeks after the seed potatoes are planted.

This is a variety worthy of exhibiting. British Queen potatoes (often known in Ireland as 'Queens') are oval in shape with white skin and white flesh. Has beautiful pink skin with cream flesh and a mealy, cooked texture. From: £54.99. British Queen are growing in popularity once again thanks to it's excellent dry rot resistance. 25kg - £ 54.99 Out-of-Stock ... Blight Resistance Colour Pink Shape Oval Organic No Safe Haven Certification Yes Pack Size. Kerrs Pink Maincrop Seed Potatoes 25kg Tubers are normally short and oval with slightly deep eyes.

Tubers are normally short and oval with slightly deep eyes, creamy flesh, and can be eaten simply in their beautiful pink skins. Ideal for salad, roasting, mashing and chipping. A dry and floury potato, packed with taste and particularly good when boiled. Kerr Pink Maincrop Seed Potatoes 2019 ... Qty: Offer Price £ ~~promoPrice~~ £ 3.1 (RRP £~~productWasPrice~~) 1 reviews / Write a review. The potato failure in 1845 that was caused by blight will remain part of the Irish psyche forever. Avoiding potato blight; Avoiding potato blight. All weighted orders will be exact at time of packing. Delivery elsewhere is quotable. Kerrs Pink tubers are normally short and oval with slightly deep eyes and should are at their vest best eaten when simply boiled in their beautiful, pink skins. As we all know potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) is definitely one of the most severe and serious plant diseases. Whenever you are plagued by midges, blight is just around the corner. They make great boiled or mashed potatoes from tubers with attractive blush-pink skins.

Excellent blight resistance and storage. A favourite in Ireland due to its lovely taste and dry and floury nature – perfect for mashing! Available to purchase in 5, 10, 20no bundles as well as weighted bundles from 3kg upwards. Kerr’s Pink have good blight resistance and also long-ter So watch out for those overcast, warm, sweaty days in summer. Kerr’s Pink have good blight resistance and also long-term storage ability. In a nutshell.... Kerrs Pink are an old favourite and are no stranger to the dinner table. All of our pricing INCLUDES delivery to the UK mainland. Kerr’s Pink tubers are normally short and oval with slightly deep eyes, creamy flesh.

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