The "jumping cholla", Opuntia fulgida, is a very spiny cactus, usually a shrub, but sometimes more like a tree, with a number of irregular, jointed branches bearing sharp-barbed spines that are painful and difficult to remove. Teddy Bear Cholla, Jumping Cholla Cylindropuntia bigelovii. -Find a picture of the Teddy bear Cholla Cactus and decorate a poster with it on it and put down 3 facts that you learned about the Teddy bear Cholla Cactus! Cylindropuntia bigelovii) is a shrubby, tree-like cactus that can reach heights of 5 to 9 feet (1.5 to 3 m.). Jumping Cholla Chain Fruit Cholla - Opuntia fulgida Cholla is a term applied to various shrubby cacti with segmented branches. A handy use of a jumping cholla garden is to create a natural barrier in a location on your property where you want to keep people and animals out. have barbed seed capsules to facilitate seed dispersal, jumping cholla utilize this strategy as a form of vegetative reproduction. CHAIN-FRUIT CHOLLA / CHAIN CHOLLA / JUMPING CHOLLA Opuntia fulgida. or tick trefoils (Desmodium sp.) Cylindropuntia is a genus of cacti (family Cactaceae), containing species commonly known as chollas, native to northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States.They are known for their barbed spines that tenaciously attach to skin, fur, and clothing. Family Cactaceae, Cactus Family Form Stem succulent to 3 to 5 feet tall Range Sonoran Desert and warmer regions of Mohave Desert in southeastern California, southwestern Arizona, western Sonora and Baja California Habitat Chollas are wonderful as specimen and accent plants as well. A chain fruit cholla, also known as a jumping cholla, at Saguaro National Park west of Tucson. Hey Third Graders, try this activity!-Find 4 different pictures of the Teddy bear Cholla Cactus and put it into a powerpoint and state 4 facts about the Teddy bear Cholla Cactus as well! Interesting Facts. Jumping Cholla Information. Native to the deserts of Northwest Mexico and the southwestern United State, jumping cholla (Opuntia bigelovii syn. The largest of the chollas, up to 15 feet tall, is a very spiny cactus, usually a shrub, but sometimes more like a tree. Chains can have 10 to 12 fruits. jumping cholla Jumping, or teddy bear, cholla (Cylindropuntia bigelovii). Stands of cholla are called cholla gardens. Photos by Doug Kreutz / Arizona Daily Star The flower buds of the cholla plant … Read on for more jumping cholla info.

Stem segments that stick to the hair or into the skin of passing mammals can be carried quite a distance before they are successfully dislodged. Jumping Cholla. Whereas plants like burdock (Arctium sp.) Grant Heilman/Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Chollas vary in size, from low branching cacti to small trees about 3 metres (10 feet) in height. New fruits are added to those from previous seasons, creating a chain up to 2 feet long -- … Approximately 12 miles (20 km) south of the park’s north entrance is the 0.25 mile (0.4 km) Cholla Cactus Garden Nature Trail; this flat loop leads hikers through nearly 10 acres (4 hectares) of landscape dominated by the teddybear cholla. They have small flowers, sometimes chartreuse and inconspicuous but more commonly of …

Common Names: Teddybear Cholla, Silver Cholla, Cholla Guera Genus: Opuntia Species: bigelovii From a distance the jumping cholla, or teddy bear cholla, looks like a fuzzy, soft plant with many short, fuzzy branches looking like teddybear arms, growing from the top.

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