A good choice is the Viburnum tinus, a small leaf evergreen that grows to about 3.5 metres. Healthy Lucky Bamboo in Water Healthy Lucky Bamboo in Soil Its mass of green, typical bamboo looking leaves give it a very graceful appeal. Viburnums. -4°c: Description: A relatively new import to Australia, Chinese Dwarf has everyone talking. Properties. Typical Height: 4-6m. Horticultural Uses.

Layered Landscapes . Chinese Dwarf is an extremely fast growing, hardy bamboo, and can achieve a privacy hedge in under 18 months!

Chinese Dwarf will naturally grow really tall in height but requires trimming (only twice yearly) to the desired height to ensure an effective bushy thick hedge. Gracilis Slender Weavers. link Vegie Guide .

It is very tolerant of hot and windy conditions as long as you keep it well watered. Growing Lucky Bamboo in water Lucky Bamboo grows well with little fertiliser, but the right food in the right amount can make a big difference. Newcastle/Central Coast/Sydney. Goldstripe Common Names: Chinese Dwarf. COVID-19 Update to Customers Thank you to all our customers who have shown such care for our community and team as we have rolled out new measures to comply with physical distancing guidelines. Bambusa guangxiensis. I used to buy bamboo garden stakes from discount stores, but they & bunnings all seem to have stopped selling them now. Gardening Australia. Chinese Dwarf is an extremely fast growing, hardy bamboo, and can achieve a privacy hedge in under 18 months! Simply add 2 mL of PowerFeed to 1 litre of water every 4 weeks. Typical Stem Size: 3cm. You need to trim Chinese Dwarf down between 1-4 times a year to maintain at the ideal height and to promote new fresh foliage. link Stories . Our plants are professional quality, farm fresh, non-invasive and clumping not running. Chinese Dwarf is a beautiful lush low growing variety with foliage to the ground. This is a very good bamboo well suited to Perth's suburban gardens. Outstanding Features. Newcastle/Central Coast/Sydney. Chinese Dwarf has quite pretty, large green leaves and gives a very tropical feel instead of a normal hedge. It likes lots of moisture and will take filtered light to full sun.

View Chinese Dwarf> Most clumping bamboo can be trimmed like a hedge, and usually doesn't matter when, they like being thinned out and maintained . Simply add 2 mL of PowerFeed to 1 litre of water every 4 weeks.

A great little bamboo which can be used for screening, features, or timber. Chinese Dwarf: Typical Dimensions: 3m high, culm diameter to 10mm. Min Temperature: -4°C . The best time to feed water grown plants is when you change the water. A compact & lush bamboo with very soft foliage looks to provide a great alternative for single storey hedges as it is very dense and fast growing.

Where miniature bamboos or bamboo bonsai are desired, the sizes of the plants can be further reduced by applying bonsai techniques. Chinese Dwarf Information: Chinese Dwarf (Bambusa Guangxiensis) is a true hedging bamboo, must be pruned once a year to keep a nice bushy form. It has a very tight clumping growth habit with slightly weeping tops.

Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Chinese Dwarf is a bushy hedging bamboo perfect for wider garden beds or pots and troughs. Chinese Dwarf has quite pretty, large green leaves and gives a very tropical feel instead of a normal hedge.

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