I could have stayed at home forever But big money man was much too clever He said 'Sign on the dotted line It's going to work out fine'. In the old days, individual documents were individually produced, sometimes with carbon copies. Sign on the dotted line... Posted by Bob on March 20, 2004.

REAL ESTATE • ST4238 Fabrizio refillable junior portfolio to present documents in. • G8013 Colorplay key ring for a new home. In the old days, individual documents were individually produced, sometimes with carbon copies. E-sign on the Dotted Line I love e-filing and service. sign on the dotted line To give one's formal agreement or assent by signing a legally binding contract document. • G1032 Silver Blossom ballpoint pen/highlighter to call-out “signature required” areas on contracts. • G3151 Belmond Toscano brass ballpoint pen as a high-end personal use pen for contract signing.

To sign on the dotted line definition: If you sign on the dotted line , you formally agree to something by signing an official... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples What does sign on the dotted line, to expression mean?

"Little Women" may be a classic, but that doesn't mean we all know the meanings of the vocab words from the book. Sign on the dotted line definition, a line on a contract or similar document for a party's signature. ... sign on the dotted line; sign on the dotted line, to; sign one's own death warrant; sign out; sign out of (something or some place) sign out of some place; sign …

Sign on the dotted line definition is - to officially agree to buy or do something by signing a document. Back playing guitar Friday night in Sally's club bar Big money man says 'Won't you join my rock 'n' roll band?' Sign On The Dotted Line Lyrics: Playing guitar Friday night in Sally's club bar / Big money man says "Won't you join my rock 'n' roll band?" Synonyms for sign on dotted line include endorse, initial, superscribe, autograph, countersign, inscribe, sign, underwrite, chirographate and side-sign. By abbey__road Ongoing - Updated a day ago Embed Story Share via Email Read ... hell, I could move them out here with me.

We could live comfortably for a while. Definition of sign on the dotted line, to in the Idioms Dictionary. As a lawyer without administrative staff, I love not having copy and serve documents. Obedience: Sign, organize, or work on paperwork that has a symbol marked by Khebethar as a holy symbol for at least a minute per day.

In Reply to: Sign on the dotted line... posted by mark on March 20, 2004: Does anyone here know the origin of "sign on the dotted line"?

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