Step 3: Get Cleaning. To kill germs, wash hands all over with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. To do this, spray or wipe the handle, seat, basin, and rim with a disinfecting wipe every time the sick person uses it. Bleach will kill the stomach flu viruses, and other cleaners will not. The easiest way to secure a room after someone in your home has COVID-19 is to close it off for a week, says Colleen McLaughlin, an associate professor of … Here are my favorite ways to disinfect your house after flu season, or after someone gets sick. Discourage visitors for at least two weeks after a stomach bug to reduce the chances of further infection. Norovirus is the number one cause of gastroenteritis (the stomach flu) in the United States.

Focus on these items after someone has had a cold or the flu: Your phone. I treat it like the plague. This is the same way that flu shots work. It is a highly contagious virus that causes inflammation in the stomach and intestines. You may be tempted to quarantine the sick person and throw everything in their room into the laundry, but give yourself a break ( especially if you are also recovering from being sick! But it is a good idea to clean up your house just in case it's a different bug other than the flu, and if it was the flu at least you won't pass it on to others. It's really norovirus. Soak your toothbrush in a simple solution of Tea Tree essential oil and water to kill any lingering bacteria.. Read More: 15 Simple Ways to Use Powerful Tea Tree Oil 7.

And it's super contagious. Swipe to advance 12 / 12 Before you get started, try opening the windows up for some fresh air {even if it is just a crack!} Clean hands are just as important as a clean house, especially during flu season. 6. Take the bags out of the house as soon as possible. Wear gloves and a mask.

Pin this post! Clean and disinfect the area -- soiled rugs and upholstery should be steam-cleaned at 170 F for 5 minutes or 212 F for 1 minute to kill the stomach bug norovirus. Today I’m sharing how to survive the stomach virus, with tips to avoid the stomach flu when your family has it and must-have cleaning supplies for your home. Here's the right way to clean your house if someone in your house comes down with a bout of norovirus. Here are my favorite ways to disinfect your house after flu season, or after someone gets sick. However, it is not necessary to close schools to clean or disinfect every surface in the building to slow the spread of flu. Also, once you have the flu, you become immune to that particular strain so you won't get it again.

Focus on frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, desks, countertops, computer keyboards and faucet handles. Here my Top 10 Things to Clean After the Flu … The viruses that cause the stomach flu are pretty hardy; in-other-words, they do not die easily. The stomach flu isn't the flu. Warnings. Tips. If you are at a facility that does house people overnight, such as a college dorm, we recommend the following: 6.

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