The only difference between labneh and Greek yoghurt is the addition of salt. Homemade Labneh and Labneh balls This post is a quick, simple DIY for how to make labneh. It’s a Middle Eastern staple and it’s incredibly rich and creamy. Recipe Card Print Recipe Labneh is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially among the Levantines. ), drain the yoghurt for 10-12 hours longer. Chill until firm. Labneh is a rich and creamy yogurt cheese from the Middle East. Labneh is often rolled into balls and stored in olive oil. It tastes amazing spread on a bit of crusty bread. Use your homemade labneh as a bagel or toast spread, smear it on a plate and top with any salad, or drizzle with olive oil and Aleppo pepper and serve as a dip. This recipe yielded around 3 cups of homemade labneh so you can adjust the amount of starting yogurt, depending on how much labneh you’d like.

By Rochelle Bilo w January 9, 2015 Peden + Munk We love labneh.
Follow Marianna's directions to make it at home; it's part of a typical Middle Eastern breakfast! The fashionable Lebanese ingredient is expensive to purchase, but it’s thankfully ridiculously easy to make. All that’s required for this recipe is yoghurt and salt – which encourages the whey to drain off – plus a large square of cheesecloth or muslin and a little patience. Store your homemade labneh in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. If you have a small amount of yogurt to strain, say about 2 cups or so, the Donvier Cuispro works like a dream. Be sure to start with regular whole-milk yogurt, not Greek yogurt. It tastes amazing spread on a bit of crusty bread. But while it's highly versatile, perhaps its most delicious application is by itself, lightly rolled in various spices and packed in oil."
How to Make Labneh (Yogurt Cheese) ~ this exciting recipe is a method for making cheese from yogurt! 13 Delicious Ways to Eat All the Labneh These labneh recipes are on heavy rotation in our kitchens.

In this recipe I spiced up the labneh with harissa and rolled them in fresh parsley and lemon zest. Labneh is one of those basic foods that is on the breakfast table every single day no matter what else is being served. Labneh balls: A common way to store labneh is to roll it into small balls and preserve them in olive oil. You can make this recipe from scratch starting with milk and a small pot of yogurt. Labneh is often rolled into balls and stored in olive oil. For this recipe, though, the labneh needs to be a thicker consistency, like cream cheese, so you can roll it into balls, so you want to hang it for about 48 hours. You can make this recipe Homemade labneh is a delicious, extra thick and tangy strained middle eastern yogurt cheese - perfect to use as a spread, dip or as a cream cheese alternative. Labneh has a consistency like cream cheese but fewer calories and a slightly tangier flavor. In this recipe I spiced up the labneh with harissa and rolled them in fresh parsley and lemon zest.

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