WIRE ROPE SLINGS GENERAL INFORMATION 2-1 2 Figure 1. Weight (Pounds/Ft) Breaking Strength (Tons) Approx. Weight (Pounds/Ft) But, as with all equipment, it does have a maximum lifting strength. Wire Rope Nominal Strength versus Minimum Breaking Strength A wire rope’s nominal strength is the published catalog strength calculated by a standard procedure that is accepted by the wire rope industry. This general purpose wire rope is for non-lifting applications, such as pulling, tie downs, hanging, tethering, and constructing barriers. Wire rope products will break if abused, misused or overused. These other factors include splicing effi-ciency, number of parts of rope in the sling, type of Polyester and Nylon Double Braid, 3 Strand Twisted or Polypropylene, Manila, this rope strength guide helps determine diameter, tensile and working load of the various ropes specific for your use. The greater the cable diameter, the greater the diameter of each wire and the greater the breaking strength.

Cable or wire rope contains a varying number of these strands such as 7 x 7 and 7 x 19 (number of strands x wire per strand). NOMINAL SLING STRENGTH is based upon the nom-inal (catalog) rope strength of the wire rope used in the sling and other factors which affect the overall strength of the sling. Wire rope manufacturers design wire rope to this strength, and the user should consider this strength when making calculations. However, any warranty, expressed or implied as to quality, performance or fitness for use of wire rope No attempt is made to include all the information that they cover. Sheave Size & Wire Rope Strength Strength Efficien y Bending wire rope reduces its strength. Stainless Steel Wire Rope Breaking Strength Chart Written by Kupis on May 11, 2020 in Chart Help for program solving the west coast wire rope wire rope clip galvanized cp2 lb 24 gauge galvanized steel wire 80 steel wire rope yield strength the independent wire rope core provides more strength and stability to the wire rope. To avoid your equipment breaking, we have provided a breaking strain guide below. We do not publish the bend radius for 1x7 or 1x19 constructions as they are most often used in push-pull applications instead of being used just for pulling, as the constructions below are. Weight (Pounds/Ft) Breaking Strength (Tons) Appro x. it also used for counterweight wires. (303) 809-7274 — The Best Custom Colored Rope and Hardware. Rope strength is the approximate average for new rope tested under ASTM test method D-6268. The tensile strength is the load at which a new rope, tested under laboratory conditions, can be expected to break. Diameter [mm] MBL (kN) @ 1770 N/mm2 MBL (kN) @ 1960 N/mm2 Weight (kg) per 100 meter 22 252 279 167 24 305 338 202

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