Fast, Free and Easy. What happens when my Tweets are protected but still show in search engine results? I have them in my news feed, and when they tweet something they think their fans/followers would enjoy they share it on Facebook too. First, cut your number of followers in half. The blockee can see everything! Before someone follows you, they'll usually take a glance at your profile. So, if you use this method then take care to not to approve Follow request of users from whom you want to hide your Followers and Following.

Where it appears for the sender: On the sender's profile page and Home timeline. Also, you can export this data to show possible clients.

Congratulations!! So, your followers will not see a reply unless they are also following the profile you are replying to. I follow someone who is a teenage girl and an activist against radical groups and terrorism and she tweets almost 100 tweets a day. View all tweets from any Twitter user on one page. You're better than average! With this new policy, unless your account is protected, the blockee can still follow you, add you to lists, see your tweets in his timeline, etc. Your User Name is Weird. If you see your Tweet appear in that column, you have not been muted.

Mentions. Also follow me on my Twitter Account for more write-up Thanks! If your Tweet does not appear in the column, it is likely that you have been muted. Keep your tweets positive and your followers will act accordingly. Not allowing people to see who views their tweets is a reverse privacy feature Twitter has in place. Have you wondered who can see your Tweets on Twitter? No there is no way to see who is reading your tweets. (If you’re actually trying to creep someone out, though, I recommend you check out Twitter’s advanced search and find the truly ancient tweets.) When you scroll down, you can see more options like your Top Tweets and Tweets and find out how many impressions your tweets have acquired. Honestly, almost everyone I would follow on Twitter is someone who has a fan page on Facebook or is my friend on Facebook. Great for viewing, searching and archiving old tweets. Definition: A Tweet containing another account’s Twitter username, preceded by the "@" symbol. There’s a “Likes” tab right there, which anyone can click in order to see every single tweet you’ve liked.

Method 1 : Make your Profile Private on Twitter. Just like mentions, no one will see the reply other than the sender and the recipient, unless the recipient responds publicly.

After you protect your Tweets, only you and your followers can read your updates or see your Tweets in Twitter search. The other follower is not be seen. Here's How to Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes a Day 1.

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