To switch up your basic hummus, blend almond butter into the dip in place of tahini. If you prefer an unsalted version, then you can use roasted unsalted almonds. Almond butter is a smooth paste made from ground almonds.Despite its name, it does not typically contain any dairy products and is not a true butter; it is soft and spreadable, though, and is very similar to peanut butter, a paste made from peanuts that is familiar to many people.

Almond butter from the store can be quite costly. Or make easy smoked-almond butter in a food processor, and serve it …

Now that nut butters like almond butter are so popular, though, people seem to be hating on my OG peanut butter—and I have to wonder which nut butter option is actually better for you. Split Nutrition Almond Butter and Blueberry Squeeze Packs, Gluten-free, Pantry Snack, Non-GMO, Real Food, Made with Zero Artificial Preservatives or Sweeteners, Pack of 10 (1.34 ounce each) 4.0 out of … Justin’s Classic Almond Butter is a top pick for the best overall almond butter due to its delectable flavor and high quality ingredients. Share it with friends and family — if you don’t finish the whole batch yourself first.For more great recipes like this one, visit Something Swanky. But I find the salted variety to result in a fantastic flavor.

This simple almond butter fudge requires very little work for lots of rich almond-flavored reward. There are just 2-ingredients in homemade almond butter: roasted, salted almonds and olive oil (or other vegetable oil of your choice).

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