Paperbark maple is native to central China. 18 trees with beautiful bark By: Networx Systems on Jan. 4, 2012, 5:07 p.m. Tweet. When that’s the case, one prime example that comes to mind is the paperbark maple. Most of the seed produced by the paperbark maple is sterile and will not produce unwanted seedlings, unlike that of many other maples. The three-lobed leaves are medium green on the top surfaces, with bottom surfaces that are gray-green. The paperbark maple tree is a stunning ornamental tree well suited to even smaller yards. A relative of Amur maple, tatarian maple is a tough, attractive maple tree that tolerates cold winters and hot summers. Photo 3 of 20. The modest sized tree has cinnamon colored peeling bark and rich green leaves that turn vibrant orange in fall. Fuzzy: If your maple tree has a soft white coating on the underside of the leaf, it is almost certainly a silver maple. Look for varieties of maple trees that develop spectacular scarlet seedpods, such as 'Hot Wings'.

Even the youngest stems contribute to this pleasing peeling bark effect. DESCRIPTION. This small- to medium-sized tree is ideal for tight spaces, easy to grow and maintain, and—best of all—offers year-round interest, from a graceful form to amazing fall color to gorgeous peeling bark. Trees We Love – Paperbark Maple. The paperbark maple, like other members of the Acer genus, produces a fruiting structure called a samara, and they dangle from the branches, resembling papery wings. Specimen Tree Extrordinare ! Roughly toothed : The red maple has a slightly smaller leaf than most other species, with its most distinctive feature being a rough, saw-like edge. Posted Acer griseum , Paperbark Maple. Trees typically grow 20 to 30 feet in height with a spread equal to height. While most of the species are native to Asia, quite a large number of them also grow in Europe, North America, and northern Africa. The foliage turns dramatic shades of orange or red in fall. It was introduced into cultivation by Veitch in 1901. This is a small rounded tree with narrow upright branches. Maple trees are deciduous trees, which belong to the Aceraceae family, and have about 128 different species. Paperbark maple. The show stopping colors of the Paperbark Maple continue into fall. It is native to mixed forests in central China. Photo: Del Boy/Shutterstock. It is particularly noted for its exfoliating copper orange to cinnamon reddish/brown bark and its showy orange to red fall color. The last of the Maples to show autumn colors, your tree will stand out once again as other trees become dormant and the Paperbark Maple begins its autumnal show. Alternative to Birch & Aspen Trees. SILVER MAPLE (Acer saccharinum) The silver maple gets its name from the underside of its leaves, which have a soft white, silvery color coating.

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