I'm drowning in these tears I cry. Lyrics to 'You Can't Stop The Reign' by Shaquille O'Neal: Verse One: Shaquille O'Neal You can't stop it, block it, when I drop it, anytime I go rhyme for rhyme on a topic, You …

I can't stop, I can't stop the rain... from fallin' No, you can't stop the music, nobody can stop the music. You can't stop the music, nobody can stop …

It's nothing but a bitter taste.

Ain't it sad When the only love I ever had Just slips away Right through my fingers.

I can't stop the rain {stop the rain} Faded picture in a little gold locket, and she never takes it off You're love. It's better if I walk away, away from you! You Can't Stop The Rain Lyrics: Ooh, ooh, ooh...oh yeah, yeah... / Yo do dum-dum da dae dum / Yo do dae, yo don don do whoa / Yo do dum-dum da dae dum / … Tell the sun don't shine, stop Old Father Time 'cause that's easier to do. Since you left without a warning, I faced the dawn with sleepless nights.

Ed Harcourt - You Can`t Stop the Rain Lyrics. I can't stop the rain from falling. Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh 27th of January, think he died a year ago today She's crying on my shoulder and begging me Lyrics to 'Can't Stop The Rain' by Jennifer Hudson.

I'm the hunter who's killed by his dog I'm the statue burnt down into lead I'm the problem you don't want to solve I'm the lover who dies in You can't stop the music, nobody can stop the music. I Can't Stand the Rain Lyrics: I can't stand the rain against my window / Bringing back sweet memories / Hey window pain do you remember / How sweet it … No I can't go on, when clouds are pushin down on me boy. I can't stop the rain. One of two singles from the album, the other single being “Strait Playin”. You can't stop the rain... (You can't stop the rain) When it starts to fall (When it starts to fall) There's no one else to blame (There's no one else to blame, yeah...) You can't lock that door There comes a day Eee-every one will find, who they are...oh yeah So find no heart Don't ever stop … Keep two loves apart, mend a broken heart, Catch a fallin' star that's much easier. The title track of Shaquille O' Neil’s third studio album, “You Can’t Stop the Reign”. I can't stop the rain {stop the rain} [x2] If I could, you know I would... but the try would be in vain. I can't stop the rain, here it comes again Lightnin' strikes across the sky Oh, I can't stop the rain, here it comes again Lightnin' only blinds my eyes.

Ain't it a shame when I think of your name The only memory I have is pain.

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