The optimum pH for pool water is 7.4, since this is the same as the pH in human eyes and mucous membranes. How to Correct Chlorine Lock in Your Swimming Pool. Fi-Clor Superfast Shock Chlorine, Fi-clor and Relax Chlorine Tablets, Small & Large, Multifunction Chlorine Granules & Tablets & Non-Chlorine Shock all in stock for next day delivery. Highest Grade Chemicals at low internet prices. Shop online today! #3 – Swim Best U009050050 Swimming Pool Chlorine Click Here to See Price at Swimming Pool Chlorine Granules & Tablets from Fi-Clor and Relax. Chlorine has been the preferred sanitizing component in almost every pool for many years. As a pool and spa expert I have heard every variation of this question from concerned pool owners looking to operate their pools without chlorine. You don't have to swim in a pool of slime and bacteria just to avoid the side effects of chlorine if you explore these alternative sanitizers in treating pool water. Chlorine Granules for swimming pools, spas & hot tubs. 8 Pool Chlorine Alternatives . The pH is a measure of the acidity of the water. Chlorine & Bromine chemicals for your swimming pool, spa or hot tub. Just like every other pool sanitizing product by Swim best, these pool chlorine tablets keep your swimming pool water in the first-rate condition while eliminating disinfectants such as bacteria, viruses, and algae. In stock & ready for dispatch! If the pH is above 7, the water is basic; if it is below 7 the water is acid. Thanks to scientific progress, today we have simple yet highly efficient cleaning agent - a pool chlorine. Chlorine lock or stabilizer lock is a term used inaccurately and inappropriately by many uneducated providers of pool … The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, where pH 7 is neutral. All pool owners know that pool water requires regular cleaning and disinfection for safe and comfortable swimming since tap water brings a lot of germs and bacteria to the pool. Swimming pool catalogue; pH and Chlorine values for good water quality. Free next working day delivery available. 8 Pool Chlorine Alternatives. Having a "chlorine free pool" sounds like a healthy, chemical free alternative to traditional chlorine sanitizer in pools. Pools Without Chlorine. Free next working day delivery on orders over £60. in Swimming Pools.

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