Length: approximately 120-140 cm. Those suffering from temporal trials, or spiritual temptations, have found it a wonderful help. Philomena Has a Special Cord and You’ll Want to Wear It. We promote devotion to St. Philomena. Cord of St. Philomena One size fits all You may also place one over your doorways for protection. Add to cart. St. Philomena Blessed Waist Cord #21 $ 10.00. Related products.

Description Description. It is used by the sick, and is a protection against accidents and evils of ever, kind. Price includes shipping and handling. The Cord of Saint Philomena has been the instrument of innumerable favors. Many miracles were immediately attributed to her relics and her intercession was widely sought. Made in Italy. Includes informational booklet. It is used by the sick, and is a protection against accidents and evils of ever, kind. It is available for a donation of $7.99 St Philomena Sterling Medal With 18 in. St. Philomena Cord Saint Philomena On May 25, 1802, excavators in the ancient Catacomb of St. Priscilla in Rome came upon a well-preserved shelf tomb sealed with terr-cotta slabs in the manner usually reserved for nobility or great martyrs. The St. Philomena cord is a devotional item worn by someone as a reminder of St. Philomena as well as to ask her prayers. St. John Vianney said: “To Saint Philomena God refuses nothing.” read more. The Blessed Cord in honor of St. Philomena...made of red and white cotton threads to signify martyrdom and purity respectively can bring you a lot of graces and distance us from dangerous situations regarding chastity, avoiding rigorously books and shows capable of staining purity, and of darkening the sacred light of the Faith. Saint John Marie Vianney first learnt about the power and greatness of …

It is along practice of the faithful to wear a cord devoted to a particular saint. In one of the extremities it has two knots to remember the Virginity and Martyrdom of the Saint. St. Philomena Blessed Wrist Cord. "Peace be unto you, Philomena"), that was taken to indicate that her name (in the Latin of the inscription) was Filumena, the English form of which is Philomena. "Illustrious Virgin and Martyr, Saint Philomena .." Clearly presented in a durable plastic wallet, with a gilt metal St Philomena medal. Background: St Philomena was martyred around the age of fourteen during Roman times. St. Philomena and the Cure of Ars An important reason why the devotion to Saint Philomena is praiseworthy and highly recommended for every one of us is because this devotion has even been e practised by numerous great saints, one of them was the saintly Saint John Marie Vianney (otherwise known as the Cure of Ars). It has been blessed and touched to a relic of St. Philomena. Plaited red and white cord, which is designed to be worn round the waist, as a sign of honour to Saint Philomena and to obtain her intercession. Our St. Philomena Cord is now more deluxe! We also prayed a novena for her … Continue reading St. Philomena Cords

Saint Philomena's cord with explanatory leaflet. Upon getting a new one, I tried to get it blessed like the original one and our parish priest refused to bless it saying that St. Philomena had been un-sainted. Its use was approved on 15 December 1883 by Pope Leo XIII, with the relevant indulgences. Saint Philomena was a young consecrated virgin whose remains were discovered on May 24–25, 1802, in the Catacomb of Priscilla.Three tiles enclosing the tomb bore an inscription, Pax Tecum Filumena (i.e. Includes informational booklet. 100% Cotton (unlike some manufacturers that claim to be 100% cotton and are NOT), red and white cord to be worn around the waist. The Cord of St. Philomena is a very old devotion, created by St. Philomena’s devotees, and was approved by the Congregation of Rites on September 15, 1883. Saint Philomena's cord with explanatory leaflet. Price includes shipping and handling.

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