Despite its humble appearance, dead nettle is actually a valuable edible and medicinal plant. This plant is also known as purple dead-nettle and purple archangel.

Prune it back in the late winter to maintain shape.

Having the name "nettle" doesn't necessarily mean all plants using that name are related. Also called the Yellow Archangle and Silver Nettle Vine, it’s been botanically bounced around. Pour 500ml hot water in it. Purple dead nettle is easily foraged, when springtime rolls around, you are sure to find dead nettle all over. Orchid Frost Spotted Dead Nettle Lamium maculatum 'Orchid Frost' Sku #0908. It comes up strong in the spring and somewhat hibernates during the summer heat, but often rejuvenates in the coolness of autumn. Unlike nettles, it does not sting nor irritate the skin (hence the reason for the name dead) and it is generally more recognized as a groundcover in gardens than a wild edible. This particular one has diuretic, and sweat promoting properties, is a styptic, so helps wounds heal, is astringent and a tonic.

Can be invasive in fertile, moist soils.

Spectacular as a ground cover in the shade garden, Lamium maculatum (Spotted Dead Nettle) is a perennial plant whose appearance is unlike other perennial ground covers. Spotted dead nettle is considered a culinary herb.

Dead Nettle contains Tannins. fb Whatsapp Twitter LinkedIn. Now, you got one more magic herb to add to your diet and medicine. Both are very nutritious, high in iron, vitamins and fiber. White dead nettle has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries in Europe. Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), a German abbess, writer, and Christian mystique, was a great admirer of the herb and mentioned its benefits … Dead nettles create a unique tapestry beneath small trees or among plants that can stand up to the competition. Lamium’s attractive foliage provides interest even when flowers are not in bloom. Dead Nettle helps to treats the odor and treats Vaginal Discharge. Can be invasive in fertile, moist soils. Spotted dead-nettle is a fast growing ground cover that provides colorful flowers in spring and attractive, variegated foliage throughout the season. The Purple Dead Nettle (dead in this case means not stinging) has more triangular shaped leaves that grow in a big clumps.

Infuse for 10 to 12 minutes. Not only is it easy to find, but it’s great addition to your natural medicine cabinet as well as culinary, making it a top pick on the homesteading bucket list. It roots in the ground wherever stems touch and it is easily divided and transplanted.

More vigorous and resistant to foliage disease than other varieties. The purple dead nettle is also called the red nettle, the red dead nettle and the red Archangel, as these dead nettles were thought to bloom on the Archangel Michaels day which was May 8 th in the Julian calendar. ). In our calendar that would be 28 th April. Strain and add it to the bathing water. This plant is easily recognizable from their green, hairy leaves with purple tops and pink flowers. Repeat … It is from the lamiacaea (mint) family which is very different than the nettles used by Red Admirals, Question Marks and such which are from the urticaceae family.

It has strong Anti inflammatory property which helps to reduce inflammation. It thrives is fertile cultivated soils such as lawns and gardens (lucky us! Shop 2.5-quart in spotted dead nettle (l10994) in the perennials section of Sit in the water for 10 to 15 minutes or wash the Vagina with it.

Tags herbal, herbal plant, purple dead-nettle; Related Posts. But, they’re also common throughout North America, growing in planting beds as a weed. Take 3 tablespoons of dried Dead Nettle flowers. An herbaceous perennial. White Dead Nettle Uses in Herbal Medicine. This is great if you need to cover a problem area with an attractive ground cover, but not so good if you are trying to grow them in a place where you need a well-behaved plant. It is a cold hardy, shade tolerant annual plant that can be found in the winter in warmer climates. I can't think of anything that purple dead nettle uses. Their heart-shaped, trailing leaves may be beautifully white or silver variegated.

Spotted dead nettles will naturalize in some areas.

So, those are health benefits of purple dead-nettle that you won’t regret knowing. Scalloped blue-green margins and shimmering silvery centers brighten shady gardens and create a dramatic backdrop for the masses of small, tubular orchid pink flowers. Many people forage for purple dead nettle, and use it fresh in salads and teas.

Dead nettle is a herbaceous flowering plant that’s native to Europe and Asia.

It’s got a bitter flavor, and can be eaten raw or cooked, depending on your preference. Spotted dead nettle is in the mint family, and 'Aureum' is a cultivar with gold to chartreuse foliage.

Collect and harvest the stems and flowers , hang them to dry, and use them for medicinal or magical purposes. With a long bloom period and colorful foliage, most varieties are eye-catching plants throughout the year. Other common names spotted deadnettle devil's clover devil's nettle double tongue St Vincent's nettle variegated deadnettle see more

Plants will burn in the full sun so place in a partial shade location.

The seeds of the Purple Dead Nettle, Lamium purpureum, (LAM-ee-um per-PER-ee-um) have antioxidants and presumably the L. amplexicaule would as well.

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