PROC IMPORT OUT=DSN_temp DATAFILE= "&inputpath\&filename..xlsx" DBMS=XLSX REPLACE; RANGE="Check 2 Visit Windows$"; RUN; %let varlist=Id 8 Name $50 Age 8 DOB 8 ; %let formatlist= dob date9.

Use the XLSX engine to read UTF–8 data. PROC IMPORT supports the CSV, TAB, DLM, and JMP file types in CAS. NOTE: WORK.SCHOOL_XLS data set was successfully created. Tips: Beginning with SAS Viya 3.5, PROC IMPORT supports all access types that are available in the FILENAME statement. If a variable name is exactly equal to the characters that precede the colon, that variable … Subject: Variable length when using Proc Import I am using the following program to read in data. We cannot, however, modify fixed variable attributes such as variable type and length. Note : La longueur (length) est le mot utilisé en SAS pour parler de la quantité d’espace alloué à une observation. Using the cars.csv dataset, we will walk though an example of how to import this dataset into SAS using PROC IMPORT.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Re: Force PROC IMPORT to import to variables of specific length from XLSX Posted 05-22-2018 (2600 views) | In reply to markc You don't have much control over the file if it's XLSX. For more information, see Support for the VARCHAR Data Type . I am unaware of any length specification for proc import. Given Name -> Given_Name NOTE: Variable Name Change. Restriction: A pathname for a file can have a maximum length of 201 characters. ; data dsn; length … libname target xport 'C:\temp\test.xpt'; proc copy in=work out=target; select data; run;

Re: Can we add the length statement in PROC IMPORT Posted 01-03-2020 (638 views) | In reply to souji The GUESSINGROWS option will work for that single file.

Seules les variables de type caractères (character) peuvent avoir jusqu’à 32 767 octets. Capture imported file name into a variable in SAS.

Learn more .

Re: Increasing Variable name to more than 32 character Posted 02-04-2019 (3899 views) | In reply to mlogan SAS has a hard limit of 32 characters (bytes) for variable and dataset names. BTW, the guessingrows option is very useful: it tells SAS to read through the specified number of lines (the limit is 214,7483,647 and the default is 20) to determine the length of variables.

I cannot find documentation which explains how to do this. When you use a fileref to specify a delimited file to import, the logical record length (LRECL) defaults to 256 unless you specify the LRECL in the filename statement. INFORMAT, LENGTH, and INPUT statements do not seem to work for PROC IMPORT.

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