9 Responses to "SAS : Variable Name having Spaces or Special Characters" Unknown 15 September 2016 at 12:27 Awesome sir,Excellent site to learn so many new simple and complex sas coding techniques.First time am refereeing this site as my friend suggested and it is more worhful than any other one i have seen..Thank you so much for sharing knowledge. Restriction: A pathname for a file can have a maximum length of 201 characters. SAS’s Proc Import is great for importing a CSV or other delimited files:things just “work” most of the time. SAS sees a colon at the end of a variable name, it looks through thePROC CONTENTS in position order and selects any variable it finds that has a name that starts with the characters that precede the colon. BTW, the guessingrows option is very useful: it tells SAS to read through the specified number of lines (the limit is 214,7483,647 and the default is 20) to determine the length of variables. We don’t need to specify variable names, variable type, etc.

However, PROC IMPORT may not properly assign attributes such as the variables length and format. For more information, see Support for the VARCHAR Data Type . Re: Increasing Variable name to more than 32 character Posted 02-04-2019 (3899 views) | In reply to mlogan SAS has a hard limit of 32 characters (bytes) for variable and dataset names. I would add step to REMOVE formats that PROC IMPORT might have attached to variables and then just add back on the formats for the variables, like dates and times, that need them. PROC IMPORT NOTE: Variable Name Change. Notice that we apply variable attributes modifications to one table at a time; that table name is specified in the modify statement of the proc datasets. PROC IMPORT with a Twist Gary McQuown Data and Analytic Solutions, Inc Abstract PROC IMPORT is a very useful tool for converting “text” files to SAS®1 data sets. **Note** -> VAR6 NOTE: The import data set has 5 observations and 6 variables. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. ; data dsn; length … The first part you need following the PROC IMPORT statement is the datafile argument.The datafile argument is required so that SAS knows where the file you would like to import is stored and what the name of that file is. Dans l’instruction ALTER de PROC SQL, le mot-clé MODIFY introduit deux variables SEX et NAME à modifier. Is there anything I can do to keep the full names? Note: You can use PROC IMPORT to import an external file to a SAS data set or to a CAS table. PROC IMPORT OUT=DSN_temp DATAFILE= "&inputpath\&filename..xlsx" DBMS=XLSX REPLACE; RANGE="Check 2 Visit Windows$"; RUN; %let varlist=Id 8 Name $50 Age 8 DOB 8 ; %let formatlist= dob date9.

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Subject: Variable length when using Proc Import I am using the following program to read in data. READING THE DATA PROC IMPORT is then used to import the modified CSV file into a SAS data set. I am exporting an SAS Data Set to an xpt file using the following code but the variable names are truncated to length 8. PROC IMPORT supports the CSV, TAB, DLM, and JMP file types in CAS. Use the XLSX engine to read UTF–8 data.

I am unaware of any length specification for proc import. Tips: Beginning with SAS 9.4M5, PROC IMPORT

Beginning with SAS 9.4M5, PROC IMPORT supports the VARCHAR data type for CAS tables.

Learn more . When you use a fileref to specify a delimited file to import, the logical record length (LRECL) defaults to 256 unless you specify the LRECL in the filename statement. What this seems to tell me is that SAS automatically assigns the variable type. Re: Can we add the length statement in PROC IMPORT Posted 01-03-2020 (638 views) | In reply to souji The GUESSINGROWS option will work for that single file. If you change this from 3 to 2, proc import only looks at the first 2 data rows when guessing an appropriate length for the variable RAN and truncation occurs for subsequent rows with longer values. Without this option, if the first 20 values are 2 characters and the 21st is 3 characters, your values will be truncated.

specifies whether the IMPORT procedure is to generate SAS variable names from the first row of the Microsoft Excel import file. In a similar train of thought you could consider saving excel sheets as xml instead of xls and importing them with the xml92 engine. Tips: Beginning with SAS Viya 3.5, PROC IMPORT supports all access types that are available in the FILENAME statement.
Capture imported file name into a variable in SAS.

You could also consider exporting your excel sheets as CSV and reading them through data steps instead of proc import w sas/access. libname target xport 'C:\temp\test.xpt'; proc copy in=work out=target; select data; run; Using the cars.csv dataset, we will walk though an example of how to import this dataset into SAS using PROC IMPORT. Note : La longueur (length) est le mot utilisé en SAS pour parler de la quantité d’espace alloué à une observation.

Restriction: The IMPORT procedure can import data only if SAS supports the data type. Actually, there is a way: Changing variable type and variable length in SAS datasets.

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