The only reason why we don't have a membership there now is that they are not located in the state I currently reside in. Have you ever wondered which store is cheaper?

A head-to-head comparison between Costco and Sam's Club reveals a host of similarities. When pressed to declare a victor, we settled on Costco — by a hair.

Sam's Club started with a very narrow price advantage: The cost of annual membership is $15 cheaper.

I'm a member of both Costco and Sam's Club. Costco: Save 25% on your first purchase with a Costco TrueEarnings American Express Card and find other Costco coupons here.

But after shopping at both, we found one bulk retailer had a much better experience to offer in-store. As a current member of Sam's and a past member of Costco, I vote Costco. Yum. For us, Sam's is a good place to shop "for certain things" and meat is one of them but it's not our only source for meat.

Sam’s Club, though, carries a 30-pack of Frito Lay (the “Flamin’ Hot” varieties!) My dog chewed up my new glasses and I ask if they could help me and they totally replace the glasses for free.

It seems like Sams Club and Costco rank a bit better than BJs so far. Between Sam's Club and BJ's, though, I will take Sam's club. I have no experience with Costco, so I can't comment on them. Here's what I like about Costco: There are 6 Costco Warehouses and 1 Business Center within 20 - 25 minutes of my house (including 2 within 10 minutes) The "treasure hunt" at Costco is much more fun. Toward the exit, there was a Sam's Club food court, which was comparable in price with Costco's famously cheap food court. Costco has, by far, the most locations compared to Sam's Club and BJ's.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Costco leads the pack of retailers in the category of department and discount stores.

I had always been curious about Sam’s Club, but had never given the chain a chance.With an American Express promotion giving targeted AmEx customers a free Sam’s Club membership (in the form of a statement credit), we had nothing to lose. As of 2018, there were 762 Costco locations worldwide with …

There are approximately 741 Costco locations, 597 Sam's Club locations, and 210 BJ's locations.

I enjoy working in optical, but to be honest, I feel like optical is the red-headed stepchild of Sam's Club. I've never been in a Costco but I do like some of the meat we get from Sam's. I’m getting my next glasses from them. Similarly, Costco also has a flat rate yearly membership of $60, coming in at $15 more than Sam’s Club’s fee. After a year and a half we went to BJs and Sams club to look around and compare - a lot of which one is best for you depends on what you buy.

BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club are huge warehouse stores and I really wanted to know which store had the best deals on staple items. BJ's, on the other hand, costs $55 a year for a standard membership and $110 for the BJ's Perks Rewards membership — basically the equivalent of Costco’s Executive option. I highly recommend any of the Kirkland brand stuff as it was all good.

I purchased my glasses from Sam’s Club and they were great to work with.

Which do you prefer: BJ's Wholesale Club, Costco Wholesale or Sam's Club? Costco ’s 30-pack is a few cents cheaper — $12.39.

So, we decided to give it try, in the hopes that it could provide some nice staple complements to the items we regularly stock up on at Costco. Costco offers a wider range of products than Sam's Club, and has many more locations.

Location. Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale seem to be pretty similar on the surface. Winner: Sam’s Club. BJ's and Costco are, in some ways, parallel to Walmart and Target, Greutman says. Winner: Sam’s Club was cheapest for both chicken and veggies. I have been to the only Costco in Jax at the St. John's Town Center and if you don't mind driving in that area, with the horrendous traffic and terrible Jacksonville drivers, then by all means, check them out. But in a shopping cart of 30 items, we found more savings at Costco. We …

I'd love to hear anyone's personal opinions or experiences about Sams Club, Costco, or BJs … BJ's and Costco … Meanwhile, competitors BJ’s Wholesale Club and Sam’s Club both earned an ACSI score of 80. The quality has always been good and prices seem fair for the area.

The warehouse club got a score of 83 on a 100-point scale.

We looked at comparable items at both other stores to what we would normally buy at costco, and we found costco to the same or cheaper than Sams Club or BJs, at least for what we would buy. I want to join one of the large warehouse clubs, so I've been reading various reviews and comparisons of each online.

Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's – Head to Head Unit Pricing Results # of Wins/Ties for Best Price BJ’s – 15 Costco – 14 Sam’s Club – 11. Household Goods Sam’s Club has 620 locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, while Costco has nearly 450. for just $9.94.

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