Flag Code formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag is not to be used.. These tips from the Federal Flag Code—which serves as a guide for civilians and civilian groups—will help you show the proper respect for Old Glory. American Flag Etiquette .

Many people feel a fierce sense of loyalty and pride when they see the star-spangled banner wave.

In order to fly a US flag at night, you will need to properly illuminate the flag. An American flag flying at half mast. The American flag conjures a vast array of different thoughts, feelings, memories and connotations for Americans. The American flag rules include how to properly care for, mend, and dispose of an American flag, including when to fly it at half-mast and more U.S. flag etiquette. Most people believe you are not allowed to fly the stars and stripes at night. Flying the stars and stripes for the first time? The language of the federal code makes clear that the flag is a living symbol.

The American flag conjures a vast array of different thoughts, feelings, memories and connotations for Americans. Treat Old Glory with respect by following these rules. Section 2.

Personally, I think the custom of flying a flag at half staff is a dishonor and should never be done for any reason. Only hang the flag upside down in an emergency. However, this is only partly true. Flying the American flag at half-mast is a sign of respect for deceased officials, dignitaries and heroes. At the United States Flag Store, you will find more than just an amazing selection of flags, flagpoles and accessories. Flag. Although it does not carry the force of law, the U.S. The flag of the United States shall have thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white, and a union consisting of white stars on a field of blue. Whether you fly the colors 24/7 or merely during special occasions, it's important to ensure that the flag is displayed with the dignity and respect it deserves. To celebrate, here is how your properly fold a flag. This federal code does not impose penalties for improper handling or misuse of the flag, but states do have laws regarding this, and most of our fellow citizens expect the flag to be treated with respect. Many people feel a fierce sense of loyalty and pride when they see … If you want to fly the flag after sunset, keep it well lit. Flag Code) for displaying the American flag properly, whether it's flown by itself or alongside other flags. Also, I notice many places fly the flag at night, another dishonor that would have been unthinkable 100 years ago. Did you know that there are six American flags located on the moon?

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