Fallen Leaf Tree Management highly recommends contacting our qualified arborists to assess your trees before pollarding. Trees: reducing their size safely. Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. Pollarding Trees: TREES you can POLLARD: Beech Fagus spp. Topping a Tree Tree pruning is a very interesting subject. The practice occurred commonly in Europe since medieval times, and takes place today in urban areas worldwide, primarily to maintain trees at a determined height.

Pollard Tree Pruning Technique.
When you pollard a tree, you prune it to its main stem and perhaps a few shortened branches. Rejuvenating an overgrown pollard. It encourages vigorous, leafy growth near the trunk of the tree.

Pollarding is a severe tree pruning technique that involves lopping off most of a tree’s branches where they meet the trunk. Horsechestnut Aesculus hippocastanum Linden Tilia spp. Redbud Cercis canadensis Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima Willow Salix spp. A customer complained that a bay tree casted a thick shadow on the rest of his garden. It's a technique commonly used wherever trees lack the room to grow full-sized. When a tree outgrows its space, gardeners must decide if it is worth reducing it in size.

Pollard Name Meaning nickname for a person with a large or unusually shaped head, from Middle English poll ‘head’ (Middle Low German polle ‘(top of the) head’) + the pejorative suffix -ard. Pollard tree pruning is a method of trimming trees to control their mature size and shape, creating a uniform, ball-like canopy. The term pollard in the sense denoting an animal that has had its horns lopped is not recorded before the 16th century, and as applied to a tree the … In ancient Rome, Propertius mentioned pollarding during the 1st century BCE. The technique is often used on trees planted in an area where they cannot be allowed to grow to their full size. Whilst it does cost to pollard a tree annually it may work out more expensive to have to revive a tree which has been neglected for a number of years. Black locust Robinia pseudoacacia Catalpa Catalpa spp. The exception is maple tree—avoid pollarding a maple in early spring because that's when its sap is running and it would be a sticky mess. The sad reality is that an improper pollard bears a closer resemblance to tree topping, a highly destructive practice that causes hundreds of tree deaths each year. The alternative is to replace the tree with one to suit the space, but this is not always practical. Learn more about pollarding a tree, including how and when to do so, in the article that follows. This is usually achieved through pruning, but it can be hard work and expensive. You can easily pollard your own trees by following the steps below. London planetree Platanus xacerifolia Mulberry Morus spp. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, and annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that height.

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