0. Diversification Or Concentration?

Tracking your investments is important to avoid over-diversification No additional diversification is provided by investing in more funds beyond a point. I know everyone recommends to diversify, but this confuses me a little bit. Currently I am reading “The Intelligent Investor” and trying to learn more about long term growth investing.

Why portfolio diversification is overrated or 'protection against ignorance' 'Diversification is protection against ignorance. Learn how to spot over-diversification in your portfolio, and why it's potential problem. Quotes From Some Of The Best Investors. By … Diversification Question? Over-diversification is accurately thought of as di-WORSE-ification. 0 Comments Getty Images. Log in or sign up in seconds. Reddit; Wechat; Abstract.

comments; Want to join? ET CONTRIBUTORS | Last Updated: Dec 23, 2019, 08.25 AM IST. | English; limit my search to r/SecurityAnalysis. The land is what will increase over time (hopefully), but in the new developments, this will take a very long time. Diversification strategies include conglomerate diversification in which new products are added in the pool of the business organization that are not related to the existing ones. Flipboard. Investors think that the way to achieve diversification is to invest in lots of funds. By. reddit.com SecurityAnalysis. A transaction was made, the supplier cannot fulfill their obligation on the agreed upon date, the purchaser has a right to a refund. After a point, there are diminishing diversification benefits from getting into more and more stocks, … By Investment Master Class “There is one other rule you ought to keep in mind and that is to concentrate, and not only in the Zen sense. You could probably take the CFAI to court over their no refund policy. But diversification with only $2,500 may not be … 'optimal diversification' is usually considered to be 20. But for most names just look at a daily chart here; here; here and you can see that a lot of names are just sideways over past month. MEG is interesting because it is at a 5x top at $3.41 - $3.45. We study the relationship between diversification and firm performance in the context of the decline in levels of diversification over time. All that shit is old.. the flooring, the kitchen, the design, the bathrooms, etc, etc. Picking 5 stocks, some of which are in the same industry, is hardly diversification. I am a very new investor. Pinterest Reddit. If you want diversification you're better off picking an index. Over diversification occurs when the number of investments in a portfolio exceeds the point where the marginal loss of expected return is greater than the marginal benefit of reduced risk.

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