In fact, various types of con“gurations for ammonia stripping process have been applied to remediate the varied types of wastewater containing ammonia nitrogen. This means removing ammonia from wastewater by means of air or steam, by gasifying it. For instance, O’Farell et al. To provide additional treatment. Nitrogen pollution is a major environmental issue related mainly to eutrophication of still and running water bodies. In domestic wastewater, most nitrogen is contributed by human urine, fecal material, food residue, and personal care products.
Aqueous ammoniacal nitrogen (NH 3 /NH 4 +), along with nitrates, is one of the major inorganic pollution forms of nitrogen.Ammoniacal nitrogen is a product of the decomposition of nitrogenous organic compounds, such as proteins, urea, uric acid and nucleic acids. ... such as nitrogen has been brought into focus. The diluted wastewater was treated with a hydraulic retention time of 6 days, corresponding to a volumetric nitrogen loading rate of 1.1 g nitrogen l(-1) day(-1) with an overall TKN reduction of 78.0%. Nitrogen mainly occurs in wastewater in this form. Ammonia nitrogen (NH 4-N) contaminated wastewater has posed a great threat to the safety of water resources.In this study, air stripping was employed to remove and recover NH 4-N from acetylene purification wastewater (APW) in a polyvinylchloride manufacturing plant.Investigated parameters were initial APW pH, air flow rate, APW temperature and stripping time.

Source: Asano and Tchobanoglous (1987) iv. The terms "sparging" and "stripping" tend to be used interchangeably, but stripping describes the removal of contaminants from a process stream by use of a gas such as nitrogen. Air Stripping in Industrial Waste Water Treatment.

... Ammonia can be removed from water by the so-called stripping process. Sparging is the specific method of stripping which involves bubbling a gas through a liquid. increase the pH values of wastewater prior to ammonia stripping [9]. The removal of nitrogen from leachate and effluent is therefore a normal requirement for the treatment of sewage and other waste waters. 1 Advanced wastewater treatment in these plants follows high rate secondary treatment and includes addition of chemical coagulants (alum + polymer) as necessary followed by filtration through sand or activated carbon granular medium filters.. Ammonia Removal and Recovery from Wastewater Using Natural Zeolite: An Integrated System for Regeneration ... stripping followed by ammonia collection in an acid scrubber. The total nitrogen in domestic wastewater After biological wastewater treatment, it mainly occurs as oxidized nitrite. Therefore, separate stripping with air or steam after pH adjustment to > or =10.5 is proposed. Organics Group offers ammonia stripping wastewater treatment solutions from industrial processes or wastewater lagoons that have from high ammonia levels.

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