The dwarf and smaller maple can use pruning fairly often but only to make small incremental change in shape and form. This material was developed by Carol Ness as part of the Interactive Design and Development Project funded by the Kellogg Foundation. History. CareBest in moist, well-drained soil in sun to part shade. Refrain from feeding your maple tree with a feed and weed combination fertilizer and herbicide as this can be deadly for the tree. Noted for its exfoliating bark and showy fall color, award-winning Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple) is a small spreading deciduous tree that is highly desirable. Most of the seed produced by the paperbark maple is sterile and will not produce unwanted seedlings, unlike that of many other maples . PropagationSow fresh seeds in … It grows faster than Norway or sugar maple, but considerably slower than silver maple, making it a better choice in urban landscaping.

The chestnut-brown bark of both its trunk and branches constantly peels into thin, tight curls, revealing brighter cinnamon-red wood beneath. Call branch for availability and pricing at 1-800-748-3663

Synonyms Acer nikoense (Miq.) Paperbark Maple is best used as a lawn or specimen tree where it is visible in the winter. Green leaves turn red in fall. The paperbark maple, like other members of the Acer genus, produces a fruiting structure called a samara, and they dangle from the branches, resembling papery wings. Noteworthy CharacteristicsOne of the best small ornamental trees, paperbark maple has small yellow flowers in spring, great fall foliage color, picturesque peeling park, and a stately habit. The dwarf and smaller maple can use pruning fairly often but only to make small incremental change in shape and form. Mature Height/Spread: Maples vary in size from a small Japanese maple (8 feet) to a large sugar maple (100 feet).

Paperbark tree is one of three "log fruit" trees including Maple and Cinnamon.This means the whole trunk produces, instead of the leaves. The paperbark maple, like other members of the Acer genus, produces a fruiting structure called a samara, and they dangle from the branches, resembling papery wings. Not in stock at your selected location.

Many have fine autumn colour, and some have ornamental stems Anthracnose weakens maple trees, and they benefit from a dose of fertilizer after an attack.

Paperbark Tree pruning and providing its soil with proper fertilizers is an important part of caring it.

Growth Rate: Growth rate is varied, depending on the species. Farming . Small deciduous trees ideal for planting in Virginia ... and Paperbark Maple (botanic name Acer griseum) are good suggestions although they’re not used as flowering trees. Acer griseum ( Paper Bark Maple ) Outstanding deciduous landscape tree widely grown for its attractive, peeling, orange-brown bark.

The most noteworthy feature of the Paperback Maple is its cinnamon colored bark that peels and curls back, but stays on the trunk. Fertilize your maple tree in fall. Applying bone meal or fertilizer will cause the tree to ripen faster. Generally, sugar maple (A. saccharum), Amur maple (A. ginnala) and paperbark maple (A. griseum) are not suited to the Coastal Plains. Paper-barked maple is a great plant for four seasons: Winter and spring are highlighted with cinnamon-colored, exfoliating bark that is accentuated by light snow, while summer brings delicate leaves with a bluish cast that can turn bronze in fall.

The Paperbark Maple is a little-known tree that is eagerly sought out by knowledgeable gardeners for its beautiful and unique peeling bark.

The rich green leaves turn a fiery red-orange in the fall to create a memorable display when combined with the handsome bark. Paperbark Maple is a round-headed, rather open maple that grows moderately fast when young. The paperbark maple tree is a stunning ornamental tree well suited to even smaller yards. Always looking different, and in striking shades of orange and cinnamon, the bark is the main, but not the only, feature of this tree.

Paperbark Maple is an exquisite specimen tree that you’ll want to showcase in the most prominent place possible in your landscape.

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