Try subbing them in for tarragon if you're in a pinch.

That’s a shame. Interesting Facts About Marigolds.

The humble marigold is often the favorite flower of vegetable gardeners, and there’s great reason: marigolds help to keep many different pests at bay.

Uses of marigold flower. Since it is a photophilous plant, it favors well sunlight. The bold marigold has gracefully taken a step back as the market for new and exotic flowers expands at a wild rate. Immune-Boosting Formula. Triploid marigolds, a cross between French and African marigolds, have sterile, 3-inch wide flower heads. Depending on the type of bloom, marigolds can grow between 6 to 48 inches in height and 6 to 36 inches wide.

Flower heads are scattered on relatives’ graves which can account for the profusion of marigolds in cemeteries. Tea can be made with marigold flowers to lower symptoms caused by inflammatory bowel diseases/colitis. Plants. In Mexico and Latin America, marigold flowers are used to decorate household altars to celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
Native to the Americas, marigolds traveled to the Eastern Hemisphere to pick up their common names and popularity. African marigold or Aztec marigold, Tagetes erecta French marigold, Tagetes patula Mexican marigold, Tagetes lucida Signet marigold, Tagetes tenuifolia Cape marigold (disambiguation), referring to several species The color intensive blossoms of the Tagetes compete with the sun when it comes to shining.

1. In the genus Calendula: .

This tough, colorful, and pest-resistant flower readily produces nonstop blooms, and it brings with it a host of benefits for your garden.

They come in a variety of colors such as orange, red, maroon, yellow or even mixed!

These dependable, easy-care annuals continue to delight new generations.

They come in a variety of colors such as orange, red, maroon, yellow or even mixed!

Most species have pinnate green leaves on the stem that usually are finely cut; ; and bracts (leaflike structures) that form a cup-shaped base below each flower head.

Plant or transplant young marigold plants outdoors after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed and dried out a bit.

Depending on the type of bloom, marigolds can grow between 6 to 48 inches in height and 6 to 36 inches wide.

When to Sow Marigolds. So let us tell you by giving marigold flower information, how … Flowerheads are single and are usually 1 inch in size. • The common name “marigold” refers to the Virgin Mary. The blooms may be single or double colored and can be varying hues of yellow, orange, red and maroon. African marigolds (aka American marigolds) grow to 3 feet high. Marigold, used widely during festivals, is popular among us all with its use and beauty. Spicy and herbal, these flowers are also known as poor man's saffron. Today to enhance your knowledge, I am sharing this article with you all guys.

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