The Kunlun Mountains is one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, extending more than 3,000 km. The fight music Contents[show] Overview Far to the west, beyond the dangerous Doom Bog, is the snow covered Kunlun Mountains. Those looking for a warm cabin and a friendly face should stick to the city of Cold Cloud. Étymologie La cordillère du Kunlun est mentionnée pour la première fois dans le Shanhaijing, Livre des monts et des mers ou Classique des montagnes et des mers, un recueil de données géographiques et de légendes de l’Antiquité chinoise composé entre les Royaumes combattants et les Han [1]. From the Pamirs of Tajikistan, it runs east along the border between Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions to the Sino-Tibetan ranges in … Its northeastern extension Qilian Shan is another main northern range of the Kunlun. In the south main extension is the Min Shan.Bayan Har Mountains, a southern branch of the Kunlun Mountains, forms the watershed between the catchment basins of China's two … Altyn-Tagh or Altun Range is one of the chief northern ranges of the Kunlun. The boss here is a brainwashed Panda King. A cordilheira montanhosa Kunlun (chinês simplificado: 昆仑山, chinês tradicional: 崑崙山, pinyin: Kūnlún Shān), também conhecida como Cunlum[1] e Cuenlun,[2] é uma das maiores cordilheiras da Ásia, estendendo-se ao longo de mais de 3000 km. An ancient mountain range, Kunlun's smaller peaks surround the Mountain Lake, where it is fabled that ancient dragons dwell. The music has various Chinese instruments along with a remix of A Perilous Ascent.

Kunlun (en chino tradicional, 崑崙山; en chino simplificado, 昆仑山; pinyin, Kūnlún Shān [kʰu̯ə́nlu̯ə̌n ʂán] ) es una de las más largas cadenas montañosas de Asia, extendiéndose a lo largo de más de 3000 km. It is a lonely land, … Kunlun Mountains is a DLC level included in the pack "The Original Five".

Kunlun (kinesiska Kunlun Shan) är en av de längsta bergskedjorna i Asien, mer än 300 mil lång. Den sträcker sig längs Kinas västgräns söderut längs med Pamir, böjer sedan av österut och utgör där den bergsrygg som avgränsar Tibet i norr.

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