ADVERTISEMENTS: Product Packaging: Meaning, Levels, Functions and Importance! A good example of a packaging fail is what a lot of Asian producers have experienced when sending goods to the EU. The Importance of Packaging in Transport and Logistics Makes Transportation Possible. It not only provides protection to the product but also acts as […]
A distributor requires a lot of information about the product. And a... 3.

It’s an obvious point, but one well worth making. An element often used in logistics are logistic labels (placed on packaging), one of the basic tools used to mark and monitor the movement of logistic units (e.g. The Importance of Packaging in Today’s Supply Chain by Tom K / Thursday, 08 September 2016 / Published in Blog Packaging is often an afterthought in supply chain management, which is a … The Importance of Packaging in Today’s Supply Chain by Tom K / Thursday, 08 September 2016 / Published in Blog Packaging is often an afterthought in supply chain management, which is a shame because it can have a surprisingly large impact on costs and efficiency. Paper Packaging Industry - Importance of Packaging in Logistics. Some would argue that the packaging is as important as the product itself because it’s a crucial marketing and communication tool for your business. Products that get damaged in the transportation process can create significant difficulties. Give vital information to the customers The EU has some very strict guidelines when it comes to palletized … We have come to realise that packaging … Packaging refers to the process of designing the package such as containers, wrappers etc. They understand that implementing seamless logistics is a key element in keeping pace with customer demands and outperforming competitors.
After all, it’s the product that’s important right? The right transport packaging makes it... Protects … Products Are Protected Marketing, on the other hand, requires for appealing packages that can engage costumers. In turn, the packaging must be light so that the shipment of the product can be as low as possible. And to provide this perfect packing … A good packaging … Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. 1. While this is a key goal of packaging, there are actually many other goals of packaging which need to be considered within packaging design. 2. Packaging plays a very important role in making logistics successful.It helps in avoiding in transit damage and reducing cost by reducing “Volumetric weight”.Volumetric weight is a common standard practice of calculating weight being applied by almost all courier companies across the world.There is slight variation in determining this Volumetric weight. A product’s packaging communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers to your company’s values. Packaging affects a company’s sales. It plays a very significant role in the marketing success or failure of many products especially for non durable consumer products. Significance of Packaging in Logistics Even though you produce one of the best products, if they are not appropriately delivered, then they won’t have any worth. Here are a few reasons why packaging is so important in logistics: 1. When we think of packaging, we tend to think about packaging’s role of being recognized and attracting attention inside a store. With space and weight being the logistics managers primary concerns, it is important to develop packaging that is small, but sufficient to protect the finished item. The Importance of Packaging in Logistics. Why Logistics is So Important to Supply Chains Any successful business leader will acknowledge the crucial importance of effectively organized logistics. The prevailing phase of economic activity has resulted in a sustained growth of the packaging industry in over a decade now. Logistics demands for packages that can be easily handled throughout all processes and for the consumers. Well, the product is indeed important but the packaging is also important because it serves the product. I’m not going to present the case, which I recommend that you read, but here are some factoids from it to illustrate the importance of packaging in putting together a unified business and supply chain strategy. You have to make sure that they are delivered to the destination without getting damaged. The role of packaging. Production usually demands for one size of packaging for all types of products to minimize time and labor costs. Logistics and transport packaging is something that most people don’t give a lot of thought to. These packaging goals are discussed below. Packaging decisions in marketing.

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