You probably truss, too. If you want to roast a turkey but have no idea where to begin, start by brining the bird. How to Brine, Truss, and Roast a Turkey. The thing is, trussing doesn’t have to involve fancy tucks, flips, or toys like French trussing needles. Some recipes call for turning a bird during roasting which is also much easier when trussed, and it will help prevent tearing … This gives the bird a compact shape, often enhancing the symmetry in the process; and making for more even cooking, a beautiful presentation, and simplified carving. It’s not absolutely necessary to truss a turkey, but it is a great method for creating an attractive compact shape. Back in 2011, food scientists David Joachim and Andrew Schloss made news when they came out publicly against trussing. Your grandma trussed. No matter how much brining, seasoning or rubbing you provide your turkey on Thanksgiving, if you don't truss the bird it just won't cook right. Truss the bird. Turkey, on the other hand, is cooked more slowly, at a lower temperature, which is appropriate since a turkey is more massive than a chicken. Your mom trussed. CHOW Tips are the shared wisdom of our community. Sometimes it doesn’t require any twine at all. Trussing the turkey helps ensure that everything cooks evenly -- and that the wings and legs don't burn. Trussing is that final step in turkey prep when you wrap the turkey neatly in twine and tie the legs together. Long story short, don't bother trussing a turkey. How to Truss a Turkey. Kitchen twine is good to have on hand for those times when you need to truss a chicken or turkey, secure a stuffed loin, or tie off a packet of herbs, but it's hardly essential kitchen equipment.If you don't have any kitchen twine lying around, there are several things that will work almost as well in a pinch. How to Truss a Turkey Follow along with this step-by-step cooking tutorial and learn firsthand how to stuff and truss a turkey, making sure you’re ready for your next Thanksgiving feast. But trussing a turkey will make it more difficult for the heat of the oven to penetrate the dark meat of the thighs, extending cooking time and causing the breasts to overcook. Note about roasting time: As a general rule, roast the turkey for 12–13 minutes per pound, For that gorgeous brown color, roast it at 400ºF for the initial 30 minutes, then lower the temperature to 350ºF and roast for the remainder of the cook time. How to truss chicken, turkey and duck for roasting Trussing poultry, mainly turkey or chicken, means to tie or secure the bird, usually with string or skewers, so that it maintains a tidy and attractive shape during cooking and so that the bird retains moisture. CHOW Senior Food Editor Jill Santopietro demonstrates two approaches to twineless turkey trussing (say that three times fast). If you’ve figured out some piece of food, drink, or cooking wisdom that you’d like to share on video (and you can be in San Francisco), email Meredith Arthur and tell us what you’ve got in mind. Poultry: Stuffing and Trussing a Turkey Learn how to stuff and truss a turkey like a pro to get a beautiful, round, appealing, and appetizing bird for your Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. With just a few twists of cooking string, you can create a bind that prevents overcooking and gives your turkey that perfect shape worthy of the cover of a food magazine. While trussing is a traditional way of preparing turkey, some newer recipes (including Kitchn’s Simplest, Easiest Roast Turkey) eschew the practice altogether. Their rationale: By leaving the legs untied, hot air circulates more freely, so that the legs and the breasts still … to arrange for cooking by binding close the wings or legs of (a fowl).

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