If blooming slows during the heat of summer, the best way to revive them is to cut them back by as much as one-half to two-thirds, followed by regular watering. Perennial and annual varieties benefit from 2 to 3 inches of mulch to keep the roots cool and moist during the growing season.
how to keep lobelia flowering all summer mine always seem to die off so quickly On plant trailing 6 Jul, 2011; Answers. Planting lobelia If purchased in a pot or in a container, you can plant your perennial lobelia anytime in spring directly in the ground, taking great care to water regularly at the beginning. Pruning and deadheading: Most annual lobelias are self-cleaning, so you don’t need to deadhead them. Keep plants well watered, especially during hot spells in mid summer. Prefer full sun or a lightly shaded emplacement. Lobelia appreciates well drained and rich soil. Edging and trailing lobelia follow a schedule similar to  pansies and linaria, and most growers remove them in early summer when they no longer look their best. High Heat Lobelia blooms very well during cool spring weather, usually between April and June, but it will begin to die back during the hotter days of summer. If you want a container that will last the entire season, pair it with flowers that will last all summer or stagger the blooming plants.

Lobelia can also create beautiful, full, mounding containers when planted on their own. Cut back plants after the early summer blush of flowers to promote more branching and flowering later in summer and fall. If you decide to leave them in the garden, cut them back by one-half to two-thirds to encourage fall blooms. Regional Advice and Care To deadhead, pinch off wilted blooms along with the stem down to the next branch or leaf. White Petunias, or impatiens will work well and bloom all summer long. Can be a little difficult to grow from seed though, so most gardeners buy in 6 packs from the local garden center. Fertilize every 3 weeks with a complete organic plant food to keep plants blooming. If growing by seed indoors, start plants 10 weeks prior to last frost date for your area. I planted a six pack of them in this basket a few weeks ago and they just keep blooming and blooming. How To Grow Lobelia.
Keep a layer of mulch around perennial varieties to protect the roots during the winter. Bamboo .

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