You can try to pry up the countertop or just leave it in place and remove it along with the cabinet (next step). They’ll customize your new cabinet doors to fit your existing vanity …

We’ll see that below. Hi, PeterJLove.

My steps were to remove the drawers. When the drawer is difficult to open or something has fallen behind the drawer cavity, it is necessary to pull the drawer out.

Cut the wood with a table saw. How to Make a Compartmentalized Drawer Pull-Out . Write these measurements down. Depending on the type, you will either find release tabs you can press to allow the drawer to come out of the cabinet, or you can gently push the drawer down to raise the rollers at the end of the drawer, allowing it to come out. Measure the interior height, width, and length of the cabinet you are building a pull-out for. Old Dresser Turned Bathroom Vanity Tutorial.

I’ll show you the old drawers and how those pop in and out. So I partnered with my friends at Kreg Tool and Build Something to build this DIY three drawer single sink vanity for their bathroom and am sharing the free plans so you can build your own over on

Give them a call at 888-578-4009 to advise of the cabinet collection/model you have & they should be able to advise how/if you can remove the drawer.

If so, unscrew and remove these brackets. Notice the fake drawer fronts have a plastic tab that holds the drawer fronts in place. This will be the base of your pull-out.

We had to drill new holes for the new drawer fronts because of the … Please keep in mind we are not experts, this is simply the process we used. Since the drawers were also solid wood I kept them to use as scrap pieces. If it doesn't separate from the cabinet, it may be glued to the cabinet edges. Here’s the vanity with the drawers and doors removed. After taking careful measurements of each door and drawer front, I headed to the Cabinet Door Mart website. These slides incorporate either ball bearings or rollers for smooth operation. Look underneath the vanity top to see if there are clips or brackets that hold the countertop unit to the vanity cabinet. Pick a piece that is strong enough to be cut up or be ready to build supports inside the dresser to strengthen it. Today I am sharing the step-by-step process we used to turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. We used this process on two dressers for our master bathroom renovation and I could not be happier with how they turned out. Then, transfer the length and width measurements to a piece of plywood.

Pull the drawer out fully, and see if you can locate the sliders. Get the dresser ready to start working on it. This sounds like a great question for the technical support team for the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet drawers and desk drawers use metal slides to enable the drawer to move in and out freely. Pick a sink that works for you. Thank you for reaching out to us. Step 1: Measure and Cut Base. Click here for the plans and you can also browse around and find hundreds of other free building plans while you’re there.. Remove the bottom divider to make ample room for access to storage. Ordering New Cabinet Doors. Mark took off the old plastic pieces from the old drawers and attached them with a staple gun to the new drawer fronts. Lift up the front edge of the countertop. Most drawers have slide mounts with rollers that move on one or two tracks. I left in the top divider to help support the false drawer that will be added.

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