9 Places To Clean After Being Sick: Post Cold & Flu Routine.
The mesh bag gives it an extra level of protection from snagging or being pummeled too much in the machine.
This post contains affiliate links. How To Wash Stuffed Animals in the Washing Machine. Your sick child probably won’t like it, but their stuffed animal will have to go through the washing when the kid is starting to get better again. I wanted to learn more about how to clean smarter, plus more thoroughly now that I had sick germs to annihilate. Stuffed animals. If possible, toss Teddy in the laundry. My 4 year old niece and 6 month old nephew are visiting and they've both had colds/coughs for over a month. A treasured stuffed animal from your childhood or even your parent’s childhood can bring back the fondest of memories. But without proper care, over time some stuffed animals and baby dolls will get ruined with repeated washings. Do not use a... Rinse and Air-Dry. To help the toy survive machine-washing, place it in a pillowcase before laundering. Great idea to write about post cold/flu clean up. I wash and clean everything I can, from bed sheets and stuffed animals, to countertops and doorknobs. Before washing a stuffed animal, examine it carefully. If they can't handle a wash cycle, the animals can "hibernate" for … We moved about a year ago and today I opened a box of my old stuffed animals I'd been saving for my daughter.

Please see my disclosure policy for more details. However, even the most damaged toy can be cleaned or freshened up with care. Many people clean stuffed animals and baby dolls by placing these toys in the washer and dryer.

Sheets, blankets, towels.

Sep 11, 2012 - Cleaning up after rodents. Stuffed animals. Ahh, who doesn't love cold and flu season? Any strings that need to be secured? It is very common for families to fall ill, all at once, especially if kids are in school or daycare daily. February 21, 2020 January 21, 2020 by thecleaningmommy. If it's not washable, keep it away from everyone for a few days to let viruses on its surface die. Despite my best efforts, I know there's germs everywhere! Use cold water. I didn’t have the energy, but instinctively felt I had to clean. Bedding, blankets, and other “sick” clothes. After 15 minutes, use a damp paper towel to rinse. If you are dealing with an oversized stuffed toy, consider adding a full cup or more of baking soda to … Follow the cleaning by wiping down the cleaned area with a cloth dipped in plain water to remove any... Do Some "Dry Cleaning". After determining your stuffed animal can be washed, place it in a mesh laundry bag . Wash stuffed animals weekly during the flu and cold season, especially after your child had an illness. Unfortunately, stuffed animals can also harbor dust mites and other allergens that may trigger allergies in children and adults in the house. 9 Ways To Disinfect Your House After Flu Season You may be tempted to quarantine the sick person and throw everything in their room into the laundry, but give yourself a break ( especially if you are also recovering from being sick! Are there parts that need to be removed first? Toothbrush. Clean and disinfect stuffed animals every few months in order to keep allergens at bay. If possible, toss Teddy in the laundry. Here my Top 10 Things to Clean After the Flu {or other illnesses}…. Always check the manufacture’s care instructions to see if there … And clean off any other commonly used items, like the television remote control, books and bedside table items.

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