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Commonly referred to as botryosphaeria canker, this fungal disease is caused by the pathogens of the Botryosphaeria genus. Entire plant suddenly wilts and collapses, soil is very wet, leaves stay green, then darken quickly →. Drowning - Overwatering. Prune away branches that are accidentally broken but are still hanging on to the plant.

Dieback Disease: Wilting on one branch or in one part of the hibiscus only.

Look at the color and texture of the leaves. Wilt Disease. This disease is easy to treat and rarely fatal. The rest of the hibiscus is healthy. Rots are caused by various fungi, attacking a wide array of plants and trees. The leaves of the hibiscus may indicate if the plant is truly dead. Black spots on leaves →. Viruses. Click on the disease name to read about each disease and its treatment. The following are good hygiene practices that will help in the prevention of Dieback Disease: Remove all spent blooms from the plants. Yellowing leaves that fall off, dark spots in green leaves, in a hibiscus that is outside in winter chill and rain →. Hibiscus Tree Leaf Spots & Diseases Rots. This disease kills roots and prevents the plant from obtaining vital water. Canker disease on hibiscus trees may lead to plant death. Leaf Fungus. Phytophthora rot is a fungal disease that affects hibiscus plants growing in wet soil.

This disease is frequently fatal and needs to be dealt with immediately. There are two main diseases that cause wilt in hibiscus. Wilt Disease: Wilted leaves over the entire plant. Above ground rot symptoms include... Blights.

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