Observations – rows in a SAS data set. The Essential PROC SQL Handbook for SAS Users is a well-organized, well-thought out, and very handy reference guide. (procedures). --Robert Schroko, Saks Fifth Avenue What a versatile book! \Handbook of SAS DATA Step Programming" by Arthur Li provides a thorough introduction to the statements and functionalities of the SAS DATA step. It includes many base and advanced tutorials which would help you to get started with SAS and you will acquire knowledge of data exploration and manipulation, predictive modeling using SAS along with some scenario based examples for practice.

Capability DATA Step PROC SQL Creating SAS data sets (SAS data files or SAS views) X X Create Indexes on tables X Creating SAS data sets from input files that contain raw data (external files) X Analyzing, manipulating, or presenting your data X X (listing reports) Writing external files to disk or tape X Computing the values for new variables X X

All the variables in the portion of memory that processes the current each observation (input buffer or program data vector, depending on whether you are reading “raw” data or a SAS data file) are reset to missing in each iteration of the data step. In this SAS tutorial, we will explain how you can learn SAS programming online on your own. Part I is an introduction that provides the necessary details to start using SAS and in particular discusses how to construct SAS programs. It is a veritable tome for SQL usage in SAS, a must-have for any SAS user who pulls data from relational tables. Unlike other tutorials for SAS programming, the book focuses on DATA step. It's a tutorial for SAS users that have never used SQL. Notes on the language. Creating variables in the DATA step is an essential task in DATA step programming. With these mechanical details mastered, everything else is comparatively easy. In this SAS tutorial, we will explain how you can learn SAS programming online on your own. • In addition, OPTIONS to control appearance of output and log files. So far, all the SAS data sets that we have created are temporary. Requirements and Details. Numeric Data – values that are treated as numeric and may include 8 bytes of floating storage for 16 to 17 significant digits.

The manual is divided into three parts.

(Note--I'll capitalize all SAS commands to make them stand out, but you don't have to when you write your programs; unlike Unix, SAS is not case-sensitive.) Packed with analysis and examples illustrating an assortment of PROC SQL options, statements, and clauses, this book can be approached in a number of ways.

The name(s) given on the data step are the names of data sets which will be created within the data step. Opens a SAS data set with the name data-set-nameand return a data set ID dsid A Data set ID is necessary for File I/O Functions If data set cannot be opened, OPEN returened, OPEN returns a 0ns a 0 EXIST(dsid) Returns 1 if Data set exists and a 0 otherwise CLOSE(dsid) Closes SAS data set after it has been opened by the OPEN function

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