A black filter is a tool that can take your images from mundane to amazing, even in the middle of the day. In reply to Diablorini • Apr 19, 2016 Many thanks for all the helpful advice. Next up we will be moving on to our Gobe neutral density filter review, although there are a number of different gobe ND filters on the market, we will only be focusing on the Gobe ND1000 filter (Click here to check for product prices and availability) for this review. In regards of using ND filters with the Fujinon XF56mm f1.2 while shooting with a flash during a sunny day would you recommend Hoya 8xND or would you prefer Hoya ND PRO 16x which gives you 4 stops step down to be able to shoot wide open while … 13:54 – Breakthrough X4 MRC16 10-Stop ND; 15:09 – Polar Pro Cinema Series Quartzline ND1000; 16:32 – Polaroid HD ND2-2000 Variable ND Filter; 17:42 – Conclusions; Christopher uses 67mm filters for his comparison on the Samyang 35mm f/1.4 FE on the Sony A7RII which has a 67mm filter thread. Here is my report on it and the ND 6 filters. If you aren't familiar with ND filters, my ND 101 article would be a great place to start. Longer exposures facilitate use of a wider aperture that may be desirable for image quality, depth of field, and/or camera shutter speed capability limitations. By slowing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you are able to control depth of field and convey movement more easily. Neutral density filters prevent an even, designated amount of all visible wavelengths of light from reaching your camera's imaging sensor. Use this accessory to extend your exposure times. The Gobe variable ND filter was recommended to me, so I bought one to try and see how it works with my shooting style, how it controls light and if and how bad the colour cast is … They introduce a bit of a color cast, cooling down the images but it's not dramatic and it's easily corrected. I wanted to try the Gobe ND filters as they seems to have a good reputation at a reasonable cost. Naturally, we cannot test every filter for this review but we will be able to compare the new Gobe 100mm Square ND Filter – 6 stop (AUD$132.00 – see the discount code at the end of this post for a further 15% off) against our NiSi 100mm Square ND Filter – 6 stop (AUD$239.00). I am going to jump right in to the nuts & bolts of this review, without a lot of explanation about what a Neutral Density filter actually is. Re: ND filter by Gobe - anyone bought this brand before? When to use a variable ND filter TL;DR The Gobe flters I purchased are in my opinion a good set. This Gobe 77mm ND Stopper 2Peak ND Filter Kit contains three filters that can be used individually or in various combinations to create a darkening of the entire image, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required.

Based on the cost of well known filters such as those by B+W, the scarcity of other quality brands in Thailand, on-line reviews, and price I bought the Haida 67mm Slim ND3.0 (10 Stops) 1000x Neutral Density Grey Filter ND1000 filter. Typically you twist a ring on the outside of the filter, and the filter shifts between low and high densities (often anywhere from 2 up to 10 stops of light). Filter models selection can make a huge difference in the results you obtain when using a 10 stop neutral density filter and using a 10-stop ND filter can make a huge difference in your results. A variable ND filter is a neutral density filter that allows you to just the density of the filter. In this review I want to test if the new kid on the block is an alternative to the usual and well-known guys. I got free shipping from a Chinese dealer on eBay.

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