Drizzle some olive oil in the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish. Pesto Gnocchi and Roasted Tomatoes PESTO GNOCCHI & ROASTED TOMATOES . It's bold, full of flavor, and so delicious! with a sharp knife, cut through at 1cm intervals to make little discs. Cook the gnocchi in boiling water for just a few minutes until they float. They’re tossed with roasted tomatoes and garlic, then finished with dollops of pesto-swirled ricotta. Spread out onto a floured surface until you are ready to cook them. Enjoy this dinner al fresco with a glass of white wine. Separate into several pieces and roll them out into a 1-inch diameter log. Add ingredients to Vita-Mix (or other blender) in the order displayed. As I mentioned above, the best time to make the roasted cherry tomato confit is when the potatoes are baking in the oven. I did a little research to see if the term "gnocchi" really does entail those perfect little ridges that I didn't even attempt to create, and as it turns out, the answer is sadly "yes." This dish is filled with potato gnocchi, peppers, zucchini, pesto, pine nuts and cheese. As far as I am concerned, “gnocchi” is Italian for little pillows of heaven. Here, she transforms the tender potato dumplings by searing them in butter after boiling so they crisp on the outside and the butter turns a nutty brown. Gnocchi in Roasted Tomato Sauce is a delicious meal that is small on preparation time and big on taste.

You can freeze any remaining gnocchi and cook from frozen later. Pesto For the gnocchi, mix your ricotta, flour, cheese, egg, salt and pepper in a large bowl until it makes a dough. Chef Shanna’s love for gnocchi tripled after living in Italy. Blend for 1 minute.

Turn machine to Variable Speed 1, then increase quickly to Variable Speed 7.

Well, as you can see, this is a rustic dish. It’s SUPER simple to make.

This pesto gnocchi will become your go-to summer meal. Just add the cherry tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, lemon juice, white wine, and olive oil to a non-stick baking pan and place in the oven with the potatoes. While the sausages and tomatoes cook, prepare the pesto. First, preheat oven to 425F. Roasted Cherry Tomato Confit. Drain with a slotted spoon and toss in the pesto before adding the roasted tomatoes. Gnocchi. Whenever I see gnocchi on a menu I can’t help but order it.

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