This happens to me almost every night. It happened so many times and it felt like i was in drunk mode while sleeping. Being aware of the different reasons behind why your arms go numb while sleeping can help you determine if it's harmless or something you should be talk to your doctor about. Feeling of being lifted into the air. It also interferes with your dreams as well. In between my sleep, i feel the heat in my belly. If you’re scared to fall asleep, just put on your earphones and on to dream land you go. I have been having odd experiences while asleep.

First off, I'd like to start by apologizing if this isn't posted in any correct format. For a detailed information on determining how much sleep you need , check out this guide.

I'm not often on Reddit but I've been browsing here for about an hour and figured I'd finally make an account to share an experience I've never really told anyone before. Benefits of sleeping elevated allow those suffering from the illnesses such as those caused by heart diseases, acid reflux, and congestion problems, as well as sleep apnea. It is also possible, especially with severe allergies, to experience choking while sleeping as a result of irritated respiratory paths.

While these are unlikely to cause particularly severe choking during the night, it is possible for enough buildup of phlegm to occur and cause a nighttime choking episode.

It's in random spots every night, also at random speeds and pressure. Sometimes the heat was strong and sometimes was just a so so heat. It's just psychological, somewhere in your mind you have some fear,believe that no one is there. It often feels like a waking nightmare. When I lie down to sleep, after 5-15 minutes, or if I happen to THINK about it (sounds crazy I know), the bed will begin to start off with tiny vibrations, then quickly evolve into what essentially feels like someone pushing up with their fists from under the matress. Sleep quality may be poor, leaving people feeling unrefreshed when they awake. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Sleep paralysis actually results in your senses being more hyper-aware, which is why many experience the feeling of a “weight” on their chest or an inability to breathe.
Find out more about hypnic jerks -- that feeling of falling that you get while trying to fall asleep. Experience .

May 08, 2018: Electocuted NEW by: Anonymous I have the same episodes. Your “6th sense” is probably what you are sensing when someone or something is watching you. When you experience sleep paralysis, focus on trying to relax your mind. Most of my dreams consist of parties, concerts, and happy enviornments because of the music being played. Its hard to explain but here it is the best i can describe. And these hallucinations, when they occur with sleep paralysis, are no picnic; people commonly report sensing an evil presence, along with a feeling of being crushed or choked. Sleep apnea: This sleep disorder causes loud snoring, gasping, choking, pauses in breathing, and sudden awakenings.

I cannot explain more clearly, moving on. We are not alone in this world. In fact it occur to me up until now im writing this comment. Reassure yourself that you are aware of what is happening, that it is not real, that you are …

Just under a year ago, i done what I usual do in my nightly routine, my daywas as normal as any other, I hadnt one hair of stress on my head, as I lay down to go sleep i drifted in to deep sleep almost instantly, and as soon as i did it was almost like i was being overwhelmed my a dark feeling caving into me quick. It may sound far-fetched, but sexsomnia -- having sex while asleep -- is a real disorder. I am praying and had the experience one morning that my arms floated up and my back arched as if I was trying to be lifted out of my chair. I agree with what Ms. Kay Yates said. But everytime i feel the heat in my belly, i would wake up a while and spoke in tongues. GOD SPEAKS THROUGH PHYSICAL FEELING. I feel like listening to music while sleeping helps A LOT.

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