Son feuillage vert persistant est panaché et marbré de blanc. ‘Annelise’ has large, gold and lime green splotches. The overall effect is an unusual, frosted appearance. Pronunciation: FAT-see-a ja-PON-i-ka. Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' (Japanese Aralia) is a bushy, evergreen shrub prized for its lush foliage of broad, palmate, dark-green leaves heavily-speckled with white. Par contre, il déteste le soleil direct. The variegation changes with the seasons and as the plant ages. Plante rustique de -12 à -15°C. Période de fructification : Décembre. Très grandes feuilles vert foncé largement marbré de blanc. Spider's Web Fatsia - Japanese Aralia Paper Plant - 1 Gallon Pot Spider's Web Fatsia is unique from other varieties in that its large leaves appear as though they've been airbrushed and speckled with white paint, a characteristic that's sure to light up shady areas in your landscape and gardens. Genus: Fatsia. En été, des fleurs de couleur crème forment des grappes qui accueilleront ensuite des fruits noirs. Floraison en fin d'automne.

Pour que votre Fatsia spider web puisse se développer correctement, vous devrez lui fournir un bon apport en nutriments grâce à un terreau ordinaire de bonne qualité que vous mélangerez à votre terre de jardin. Fatsia 'Spider's Web' is a beautiful Aralia relative that grows as a shrub or small tree with variably variegated leaves which change during the seasons.

Taille adulte (H x L): 2m x 2m. Type: Broadleaf.

The variegation changes with the seasons and as the plant ages. Arbuste à port large, aux rameaux robustes et peu nombreux.

Fruits sous forme de baies noires. Faux Aralia (Fatsia japonica) ou Fatsie du Japon Le faux aralia est un petit arbuste persistant, au port étalé et arrondi, avec des tiges épaisses, qui vient de l’Est de l’Asie. ‘Spider’s Web’ has leaves splotched with white. En raison de la forte demande et des restrictions de La Poste, veuillez prévoir un délai de 1 à 3 semaines, selon votre code postal et le contenu de votre commande.

Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' This desirable rare evergreen has white splashing and dotting on broad, palmate leaves. In the fall, terminal clusters of white flowers are on display. Fatsia japonica a commencé sa « carrière » en tant que plante d'intérieur, mais sa robustesse a fini par convaincre les jardiniers et paysagistes de son intérêt à l'extérieur.Il est donc vendu à la fois au rayon des plantes vertes et à celui des arbustes de pépinière. Au départ de sa végétation, il sera important de la fertiliser avec un engrais complet que vous lui fournirez tous les ans. Le Cultivar que nous vous présentons est originaire du Japon. Clusters of globular white flowers in autumn are followed by black berries. This Japanese selection of the popular deep shade-loving southern landscape shrub Fatsia japonica is prized by the few folks who have had the rare opportunity to own one. 4–5′ H x 3–5′ W. This plant is suitable for your USDA Zone 7b. It is a vining shrub, but it has weak attachments, so you’ll have to attach it to the support manually. Fatsia 'Spiders Web' is a particularly intriguing variety with speckled markings that spread inwards form the outermost edges. Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: No Broadleaf evergreen shrub, may reach 7 ft (2 m) tall. Fatsia 'Spider's Web' was named by Japanese variegated plant experts, the late Dr. Yokoi and Mr. Hirose, as a selection from an old Japanese seed strain, Fatsia 'Tsumugi Shibori' (tie-dyed cloth). Light Needs . Inscrivez-vous à la newsletter . Le FATSIA japonica SPIDER WEB (Aralia du Japon panaché Spider web) possède un feuillage persistant, vert marbré de blanc crème au look très exotique. Fleurs blanc crème, globuleuses, en grappes. The shiny green palmate leaves like a super-sized schefflera are each bordered with a heavy white speckling that often finds its way into the center of the leaf.

USDA Zones. Speckled Japanese Fatsia. The variegation appears as speckles and pixilations and is strongest on young foliage but also becomes better … Fatshedera lizei is a hybrid cross between English ivy and fatsia.

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