Envision Tomorrow (ET) is a powerful software tool that allows users to simulate and compare land-use and development choices. Envision Tomorrow Plus can be used by these planning parties to create more comprehensive scenarios at various levels – from a building to region. Web-based Envision Tomorrow 2.0 Page 2 User Guide of metrics. Better Tomorrow. Book a Demo Watch the video. An automated watchlist alerting system that identifies persons of interest and their contact history in real-time and historically while protecting the identity of bystanders. Whether considering how to maximize growth around transit or identify development and redevelopment priorities, Envision Tomorrow provides planners with an easy-to-use, analytical decision making tool. The workflow of Envision Tomorrow is a “linear and iterative” process. It is a free and open-source tool and is continually updated and improved. The Envision Tomorrow GIS-based software package can help your city or region examine possibilities at a range of scales. Envision Tomorrow is a set of free and open source urban and regional planning tools that can be used to model development feasibility on a site-by-site basis as well as create and evaluate multiple land use scenarios, test and refine transportation plans, produce small-area concept plans, and model complex regional issues . The web-based Envision Tomorrow application complements the desktop Envision Tomorrow by providing a simple user interface for displaying and editing your scenario over the Internet. By “painting” scenarios onto a geographic area using locally-calibrated inputs and indicators, the tool allows the user to see and compare the outcomes and impacts of potential policy and development decisions in terms of multiple economic, demographic, and environmental indicators.

Contact Us Envision Tomorrow is a software development project of Fregonese Associates , an urban planning consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. Users of ET typically create anywhere from two to five different "scenarios" which differ fundamentally from one another based on some policy question, environmental variable, or demographic assumption. Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+) is a comprehensive scenario planning tool. Currently, although Envision Tomorrow Plus is under development, there are several cases using Envision Tomorrow. AnyVision’s AI-driven computer vision helps people access spaces, experiences and services with confidence and convenience.

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