Older spots have a slightly depressed center with raised margins.

Small spots may coalesce to form large purple to maroon blotches on heavily diseased leaves.

Furthermore, treatment will be ultimately ineffective if the environmental factors are not eliminated. The disease starts as tiny, round, bright red spots on the tops and bottoms of leaves of infected plants. Remove the affected leaves and discard in plastic bags in the trash can. Boutte Tree Inc. www.bouttetree.com 2144 Bolton Road NW Atlanta GA 30318 Prescription Programs ENTOMOSPORIUM LEAF SPOT Red Tip Photina (Photinia x fraseri) is widely planted in home and commercial landscapes. This pathogen will also infect more than 60 species of landscape plants in the rose family. Entomosporium (en tow moe sporee um) leaf spot often damages red tip photinias (Photinia fraseri) and Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) plants. The wetter and rainier the spring the worse the disease problem is. Overhead irrigation (equivalent to 1.2 cm) was applied 24 hr after treatment and Weekly foliar applications of triforine at 0.24-0.48 g a.i./L of water or thiophanate-methyl + zinc at 24-hr intervals thereafter. Tiny, reddish spots, sometimes surrounded by a dark red, purple, or yellow halo, appear on infected leaves. Fungicides can be used to control Entomosporium leaf spot, but the process can be costly. Black fruiting bodies may develop in spot centers. You may try covering fallen diseased leaves with cedar mulch to accelerate their decomposition and suppress the fungus. Infection is mostly limited to the leaf blade, but occasionally spots may occur on petioles and tender, young shoots. It is very hard to tell them apart. This disease is a widespread and destructive fungal disease of woody ornamentals in the rose (Rosaceae) family.

Protective fungicide treatments are often required to maintain the health and beauty of red tip photinia in the landscape.

On the juvenile, reddish colored foliage of P. x fraseri, the tiny, new, circular leaf spots are a darker red than the surrounding healthy tissue. Entomosporium Leaf Spot Photinia and Indian Hawthorn Kevin Ong, Assistant Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist Symptoms The first signs of Entomosporium leaf spot disease are tiny, circular, often bright red spots on both surfaces of young expanding leaves. Plant Disease Alert: Entomosporium Leaf Spot.

It starts off by creating spots of light swelling on leaves and then the color changes to brown and dark red, and ultimately to black or gray. Infected young leaves start showing small, circular, bright red spots.
The other, called Entomosporium, also needs cold, wet weather to strike hard and is a bit more of a pain. Leaf Spot of Redtip Photinia - FSA6112 Author: Sherrie Smith Subject: leaf spot disease of redtip photinia plant Keywords: Arkansas,division,agriculture,entomosporium,leaf spot,photinia,redtip,plant disease,ornamentals,fsa6112 Created Date: 1/20/2017 11:07:54 AM Leaf spots are discrete in light infections, but in heavy infections they often coalesce to form large, blighted areas. The fungus causes spotting and premature drop of leaves in most plants in the Pomoideae group of the rose family. Leaf spots caused by another disease, scab, are circular, olive-green to black and velvety or scabby looking.

How to deal with fungal leaf spot In her weekly column, Thorny Problems, Helen Yemm gives her advice on how to deal with fungal leaf spot Photinia with Entomosporium Leaf Spot - … The wetter and rainier the spring the worse the disease problem is. Older infected leaves develop spots that are gray in the center with a maroon border. The right image is of a fallen leaf which is showing the red pigmentation of juvenile leaves due to the natural senescence process. July 3, 2019 The intense heavy rains we’ve received over the past year have encouraged a big uptick in certain plant fungal diseases.Entomosporium leaf spot disease is one we are seeing run rampant this spring and summer. Entomosporium leaf spot is one of the most common diseases of photinia (red tip) in the landscape. Symptoms of Entomosporium leaf spot usually begin on the lower branches of the shrub, and with a little help from splashing rain, the problem eventually spreads its way up to infect the entire plant.

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