Spots may also be found on the petioles and stem of infected plants. If your plants are in a sunny, well drained spot and get leaf spot due to bad weather, you have nothing to worry about. Black fruiting bodies may develop in spot centers. Symptoms of Photinia Entomosporium leaf spot. Leaf Spot of Redtip Photinia - FSA6112 Author: Sherrie Smith Subject: leaf spot disease of redtip photinia plant Keywords: Arkansas,division,agriculture,entomosporium,leaf spot,photinia,redtip,plant disease,ornamentals,fsa6112 Created Date: 1/20/2017 11:07:54 AM If, on the other hand, they aren't in a suitable location and get severe leaf spot on a regular basis, then you must be brave and replace them with a hardier plant. How to Treat Entomosporium Leaf Spot 1. Protective fungicide treatments are often required to maintain the health and beauty of red tip photinia in the landscape.

Heavy infections cause premature defoliation. Infection is mostly limited to the leaf blade, but occasionally spots may occur on petioles and tender, young shoots. The fungus causes spotting and premature drop of leaves in most plants in the Pomoideae group of the rose family. Leaf spots on mature leaves may be brown to gray in the center with a distinct purple border around the edge. Older spots have a slightly depressed center with raised margins. entomosporium leaf spot of photinia and indian hawthorn "There is no effective control for this very damaging disease.” That’s what is often said when the purple spots and yellow leaves show up on photinia and hawthorns. It is very hard to tell them apart. In other situations, it can often be more cost-effective and better in the long-term to remove the affected … It is a microscopic fungus that overwinters on twigs and leaves that have fallen on the ground. Remove the affected leaves and discard in plastic bags in the trash can. ( Entomosporium maculatum) The left and centre images show the upper and lower surfaces of an affected Photinia leaf. Entomosporium leaf spot is one of the most common diseases of photinia (red tip) in the landscape.

Clean up the leaves on the ground.

Overhead irrigation (equivalent to 1.2 cm) was applied 24 hr after treatment and Weekly foliar applications of triforine at 0.24-0.48 g a.i./L of water or thiophanate-methyl + zinc at 24-hr intervals thereafter.
The disease starts as tiny, round, bright red spots on the tops and bottoms of leaves of infected plants. It starts off by creating spots of light swelling on leaves and then the color changes to brown and dark red, and ultimately to black or gray. You may try covering fallen diseased leaves with cedar mulch to accelerate their decomposition and suppress the fungus. Leaf spots are discrete in light infections, but in heavy infections they often coalesce to form large, blighted areas. Furthermore, treatment will be ultimately ineffective if the environmental factors are not eliminated.

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