It's much colder than normal ice made of frozen water, and when placed in hot water it produces a lot of smoke that then sinks to the ground and can be blown in whatever direction you like.

It was great, but you had to go get the dry ice and be very careful handling it. Everybody loves fog, Theatrical Fog that is - Especially at Halloween, and there are many ways to make it: 1. Place the lid back onto the container with the fan running, Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. I wonder if I could use it for a fog machine that doesn't use water!" Do NOT drop it in the water as it will splash boiling water out! Pour the boiling water into the Mini-Fog Machine's container.

Dry Ice was my first introduction to fog - Dry Ice dropped into hot water provided LOTS of dense low-lying fog. Be very careful not to spill it as it will of course burn you badly. Halloween: Dry Ice Fog Machine: One Halloween, my family used dry ice for fog by dumping boiling water on it. Whether you're putting on a theater production, a Halloween show or making a low-budget movie, dry ice lets you make a non-toxic fog machine at home. Water Only Fog Machine. Carefully, using gloves, break of some dry-ice and gently place it into the boiling water. so I built it.

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