'Chaise lounge', which is properly spelled 'chaise longue', began life as such a linguistic mistake and has survived because it does make intuitive sense. Recent Examples on the Web His minimalist downtown office lacks a chaise longue, but Fan’s consultations give off more than a whiff of psychotherapeutic energy. chaise longues or chaises longues or chaise lounges A usually upholstered reclining chair with a … • A new chaise longue and reclining chair have been added to the light shapely chairs already in production. Meaning: A long chair; for reclining. chaise synonyms, chaise pronunciation, chaise translation, English dictionary definition of chaise. Recent Examples on the Web Her staff placed blankets, towels, and cookies on makeshift bedding arrangements—everything from couches and chairs in the lounge to cabanas and chaise lounges on the outer decks. Define chaise. Hypernyms ("chaise longue" is a kind of...): chair (a seat for one person, with a support for the back)

The name is of French origin, of course, and has been known there since the 18th century, translating into English simply as 'long chair' - … n. 1. or chaise lounge n. pl. Origin chaise longue (1800-1900) French “ long chair ”

Any of various light open carriages, often with a collapsible hood, especially a two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse. Learn more.

• A woman, reclining on a green chaise longue, wears a rose peignoir, its ostrich collar languorously open.

[French, chair, variant of Old French chaiere; see chair.] Learn more. Chaise longue definition is - a long reclining chair.

Chaise lounge definition is - chaise longue. • CHAISE LONGUE (noun) Sense 1. • I also had a plastic chaise longue between the door and the table. Chaise definition, a light, open carriage, usually with a hood, especially a one-horse, two-wheeled carriage for two persons; shay. ‘The chaise longue by Le Corbusier: ecstasy for the back whichever way you recline (try upside down).’ ‘But instead of shaking hands he bent his knees, lowered himself to the floor in a skateboarding posture and then launched himself into the air, landing with a thud on the chaise longue.’

Often misused by Americans who think that "chaise lounge" is an actual object, when the real name for it is "chaise longue" (It means long … ... A chaise longue. See more. Classified under: Nouns denoting man-made objects. Define chaise longue. Synonym: chaise lounge (American) Related terms . chaise longue (plural chaise longues or chaises longues) (chiefly Britain) A reclining chair with a long seat, which can support the outstretched legs of a sitter normally with one armrest. Means "chair" in French. See more. chaise translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'chaise électrique',chaise longue',chaise roulante',chaise de bébé', examples, definition, conjugation post chaise; Translations .

Chaise longue definition, a chair, with or without arms, for reclining, having a seat lengthened to form a complete leg rest and sometimes an adjustable back. Synonyms: chaise; chaise longue; daybed. chaise longue meaning: 1. a long, low seat, with an arm at one side and usually a low back along half of its length, that…. chaise longue definition: 1. a long, low seat, with an arm at one side and usually a low back along half of its length, that…. chaise longue synonyms, chaise longue pronunciation, chaise longue translation, English dictionary definition of chaise longue.

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