... Purple Emperor. Apatura iris. Find out what it eats, how it breeds and where to spot it. It … The Purple Emperor is a unique species of butterflies in the sense that their ‘majestic’ beauty (like their name) has hidden a bizarre behavior of theirs. Description This magnificent, enigmatic butterfly is one of the most sought after UK species. ... (Apatura iris) Despite its exotic appearance, the purple emperor is as typical of UK woodland as the mighty oak.

The area is located between 1200 and 1500 m a.s.l. The purple emperor butterfly is a stunning woodland butterfly. It’s elusive and beautiful, but has quite the unsavoury appetite. Only three of Britain’s 59 native butterfly species have yet to take flight, according to Butterfly Conservation: the chalkhill blue, the brown hairstreak and the purple emperor. The habitat where the Freyer's Purple Emperor was recorded is a deciduous forest formed by beech, oak and horn-beam, while the riparian part of the forest is formed mostly by Salix spp. Purple Hairstreak. Country. The Purple Emperor is a large butterfly, which spends most of its time up in the trees, feeding on sap and honeydew (which is sap partly digested by aphids).

It avoids flowers, preferring rotting animal corpses, faeces, mud puddles - and even human sweat.
Red Admiral ... Tel: 01929 400 209 Email: info@butterfly-conservation.org Charity registered: England & Wales (254937).

Purple Emperor. Threats and conservation. The Purple Emperor is rare among butterflies. Its large size and purple sheen of the male is well worth any effort made to seek it. From an ancient woodland in Wiltshire, conservation advisor for the National Trust, Matthew Oates, talks to the Saving Species team in an extended interview, and opens the door to the hidden world of the purple emperor butterfly. The female lacks the iridescence of the male but the white band is broader. Favonius quercus. Adults have dark brown wings with white bands and spots, and a small orange ring on each of the hindwings.

‘Purple Emperor season is a pilgrimage, the Glastonbury of the butterfly world,’ he said.

The glossy blue butterflies are known to feed on rotting animal matters, and even urine and dung. Purple Emperor (Apatura iris) Purple Emperor Butterfly butterfly-conservation.org. Wingspan 70-92mm. Apatura iris.
Notes on distribution, weather and climate relating to Purple Emperor in Hertfordshire, U.K. and Eurasia Maintaining and increasing available habitats; addressing the Butterfly Conservation Species Action Plan in Hertfordshire Additional research into the history of the butterfly in Essex If you know which butterfly you would like more information on, use our butterfly A to Z. Apatura iris, the purple emperor, is a Palearctic butterfly of the family Nymphalidae Description.

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