I also avoid beginning female relationships when I have GF. However, if you enjoy hanging out with two of them and you don't get bad vibes, don't stress about it. Can men and women really be just friends? But clearly, in his mind there’s more benefit he derives from his female friends than what your relationship offers. Aside from date nights being for the two of you only, one of the boundaries your boyfriend’s female friend should follow is the understanding that couples should have private time. I’d never try to control who my boyfriend is friends with, but I’ll absolutely set boundaries—without them, everything is … Think about some of the following as possible boundaries for your relationship: If your boyfriend chooses to disregard your feelings and the boundaries you set, then you will need to consider if these danger signs are worth endangering your heart for.

Where there are no clear boundaries drawn where a boyfriend has female friends, the health of a relationship goes out of the window. They should have conversations that are private to them and there should be ‘in’ jokes that no one else is privy. I want to be able to trust him and his friends, but the dynamic between them needs to change now that he’s in a relationship. Dating a man who has a strong female friendship in his life can be a little confusing. I am also open to have her meet any of my female friends, I think it goes a long way for the trust in a relationship. Being with a guy who has close female friends can get really tricky. To deal with your boyfriend's female friend, give her a chance and spend some time with the two of them to see what their relationship is like. If your boyfriend treats you differently around her, there could be a problem. I do things like rock climb so I have female friends there but I don't hang out with them outside of the gym or day trips to climb outside. He’s dating 4 women.

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