Ghee is greatly revered in the Indian culture and has been used in the medical science of Ayurveda for thousands of years. Simply applying it on lips regularly will keep lips soft and moisturized. The purity of ghee itself allows it to penetrate and nourish the body as it passes through the lipid membranes of cells. Ghee is the most natural remedy for dry and chapped lips. We hope you liked the benefits of ghee for the skin! It acts as a natural skin … It contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamin A.

Both men and women can use the Ghee beauty therapy regardless their age and lifestyle. (Also Read - How to Make Ghee at Home: Easy Tips and Tricks) Here are 9 benefits of ghee you may not have known… Ghee has some amazing fatty acids which help in hydrating the skin to make it soft and glowing.

According to a study published in the Journal of Food Research and Technology in 2014, ghee is rich in essential fatty acids (linolenic acid and arachidonic acid), short-chain fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), antioxidants, and trace elements (iron, copper, and carotenoids).

Ghee skin benefits This Shata dhauta ghrita is used to relieve burning sensation, to relieve burn wounds, wound scar, herpes wounds, chicken pox scars, etc. The uniqueness of ghee beauty therapy is that you can use ghee externally as well as you can use ghee benefits by adding ghee … This very versatile substance may be used internally as food and as medicine; or used externally as a skin moisturizer. Ghee is commonly used as an offering in puja (holy Hindu ceremony) and homa (fire ceremony). Ghee may be composed primarily of fats, but it also contains significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D.Although many people think of fat as an unhealthy element to the diet, the body needs fat to function. 3 Good for soft and moisturized lips. When spices are added to ghee, the flavor is carried into the food. Ghee benefits for skin is all about application of ghee for hassle-free skin care treatment. Nutritional Value of Ghee. Ghee is used as the carrier oil because of these unique characteristics. Ghee also makes skin bright and youthful. Beyond our kitchens, ghee finds a coveted space in beauty and hair care rituals too. Pure desi ghee, is ghee made of cow's milk. 4 Keeps skin youthful.

Read Also – Incredible Benefits Of Kokum Butter For Skin And Hair Nutritional Profile Of Ghee.

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