To stop him, Ben teams up with his future counterpart, Ben 10,000 and Professor Paradox in order to destroy the Hand of Armageddon. watch 01:51. Then there's the scene where Ben 10,000 unlocks the aliens and the warning by Paradox. The Ultimatrix is the Prime Timeline; Ben 10,000 Returns Future version of the Ultimatrix. Ben 10,000 arrives to confront him.

Suddenly, Paradox appears and tells Ben 10,000 that the fight with Eon is not over and that it had barely just begun. Then Paradox and Ben 10,000 … With Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson, Greg Cipes, Dee Bradley Baker. History Comments Share. Ben 10,000 Returns Following a visit from Paradox after a fight with Eon, Ben 10,000 from an alternate future arrives twenty years from the future to seek the aid of his past counterpart in tracking down Eon. Edit. As Eon was about to hit Ben 10,000 with a time ray, Ben 10,000 then uses Clockwork's time ray and apparently destroys Eon and his minions. Ben fights Eon and his minions. Paradox: I can confirm that this is the original timeline. Directed by Matt Youngberg. Cartoon world Ben 10,000 is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, able to easily fend off several skilled assailants with no aid from his powers. Ben 10,000: Eon had messed up the timeline so bad I wasn't sure I hadn't ended up in a parallel world. You can't hide from me!

Powers and Abilities. 20 years in the future, Eon attacks Ben 10,000, then disappears. You can help Transcripts Wiki by expanding it. Originally created by Azmuth, the Ultimatrix's power core was unstable and incomplete, so he kept the Ultimatrix in high security storage. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Summary: Eon has returned to plague not just Ben but every version of Ben across space and time. Adult Ben travels back in time fearing Eon will attack his younger self, the present day Ben. Coward!

[[Ben 10: Ultimate Alien]] Season 2: Episode 10: Overall: Air Date: Previous episode It's Not Easy Being Gwen: Next episode Moonstruck (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien) [incomplete: unfixed/messed] This article is a stub. In Ben 10,000 Returns, Ben 10,000 battled Eon in his headquarters and easily defeated him. Ben 10,000 Returns. He activates the powers of Ultimate Humungousaur, but not his body, using Ultimate Ben. He is then approached by Professor Paradox and the two go back in time 20 years.

20 years in the future, Eon and his servants break into Ben 10,000's headquarters. Ben 10 Ultimate alien force ( Ben 10,000 returns episode ) .

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