VK. Find out the indications for the use of homeopathy medicine BELLIS PERENNIS..... BELLIS PERENNIS Homeopathy medicine Bellis Perennis from William Boericke's Pocket manual of … This remedy is frequently used after childbirth or surgery. Print. Ruta 200c: any operation involving cartilage or periosteum is likely to need this remedy at some stage. 5 replies to 2011-08-30. It is a deeper acting remedy than Arnica and may relieve bruised soreness after surgery where Arnica has not helped. Bellis perennis. Tumblr. Abdominal surgery can also be supported by Arnica but another very helpful remedy for deep tissue trauma is Bellis-perennis. Bellis perennis is indicated for deep trauma of abdominal and pelvic organs and after major surgical operations. Bellis Perennis After Surgery - ABC Homeopathy Forum. Bellis Perennis is sometimes called “the deeper Arnica” because of its ability to speed healing of trauma to tissues deep within the body. When Arnica has helped and helps no more but the deeper pain and discomfort of bruising and soreness still plague, think of Bellis.

Patients can be worse left side, hot bathing and from the warmth of bed, before storms, cold wind. 1550. Bellis Perennis (Bell-p.) is similar to Arnica montana (Arn.) Pinterest. –Plastic surgery on the breast: Bellis perennis 6 or 30, three times a day –Amputation of the breast or a lump: Hamamelis 30, every 4 hours. General Information. Bellis Perennis (English Daisy) – Side Effects, Uses, Facts, Health Benefits May 7, 2020 October 28, 2018 by Your Health Remedy's Staff Bellis perennis, frequently called English daisy or the common daisy, belongs to the Asteraceae family that includes many commercially grown perennials including aster, achillea, centaurea, doronicum, echinacea, echinops, or stokesia. Surgery anywhere in the abdomen may also call for Staphysagria and/or Causticum, especially if there are difficulties in returning to … Mix. WhatsApp.

This remedy is useful for injuries to the trunk and deeper tissues—as from falls, car accidents, surgery, etc. It is nicely complemented by Bellis Perennis 200, which acts as in deeper tissue, better than Arnica after major abdominal surgical work. Ruta 200c: any operation involving cartilage or periosteum is likely to need this remedy at some stage. Linkedin. Twitter. Two more remedies to keep in mind for after surgery – deeper surgeries and injuries of the abdomen relates to Bellis perennis, a daisy, as is Arnica, but a different species. The pains feel bruised and sore, and may be relieved by movement and rubbing the affected area.

—especially if a feeling of stiffness or coldness develops in the injured area.

Bellis perennis is a homeopathic remedy commonly used for injuries to deeper tissues such as after surgery and for sprains and bruises.

Abdominal surgery: Staphysagria 30 or Bellis perennis 30, three times a day

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